Disable Tiger Features

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Have you ever to get rid of Dashboard, because you think it's annoying? Or is Spotlight a waste of disk space? Using DisableTigerFeatures, it's easy to get rid of those features! Having second thoughts? You can easily turn them back on, as well!




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This is an eLearning-game based on a 2D-world. It is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing everyone to create his own worlds containing individually programmed components (e. g., a chess-board for a chess tutorial).

Rathaxes - Rathaxes, a DSL for driver developement

rathaxesRathaxes is a DSL (domain specific language) which will allow to describe the driver completely.more... motivationsAccording to recent studies, up to 70% of an operating system's code is driver code. This code is often quite technical, very close to hardware, and up to 7 times more bug-prone than normal code. Rathaxes allow you to describe easily interactions between the kernel and low level registries. sample of a serial driverDEVICE rs232{\tREGISTER(R) BIT[8] rcv_buff LIKE(........) @(

Jquerykeyboard - Keyboard-плагин дл� jQuery

Плагин позвол�ет у�танавливать дей�тви� в ответ на нажати� определённых клавиш клавиатуры: $(document).ready(function () {\tvar $ta = $('textarea');\tvar log = function (msg) {\t\t$ta.val($ta.val() + ' ' + msg + '\');\t\treturn this;\t};\t$ta\t\t.keyboard(\t\t\t'z+(fkeys)',\t\t\t{\t\t\t\tpreventDefault : true\t\t\t},\t\t\tfunction () {\t\t\t\tlog('«z+(fkeys)[pd]»');\t\t\t}\t\t)\t\t.keyboard(\t\t\t'alt' ,\t\t\t{\t\t\

Chiefphp - A simple and humble php deployment tool

You just found out that your baby project's deployment has grown out of rsync and scp. You can roll your own shell script, but you are too busy, and don't have that much time for it. You want something dead simple, lite, and easy to work with, and get this app out on any shared hosting server asap. Inspired by Capistrano from Rails Camp, ChiefPHP is a simpler, yet effective tool designed to lower your deployment management cost. ChiefPHP provides a set of pre-implemented Commands, such as run, r

Pyagilent54622d - A Python Driver for the Agilent 54622D Oscilloscope

A python module that realizes the RS-232 interface of the Agilent 54622D Mixed Signal Digital Storage Oscilloscope in a clean, pythonic fashion that is easy and convenient to use. Here's an example: import agilentscope = agilent.Scope(port="COM1", baudRate=57600)for channel in (scope.a1, scope.a2): print "Channel %s: min=%f max=%f avg=%f" % (channel.label, channel.min, channel.max, channel.average)scope.d0.label = 'SDA'scope.d1.label = 'SCL't, sda = scope.d0.get_data()t, scl = scope.d1.get_data(

Offlickr - Back up Flickr photos, videos, and metadata.

Offlickr is a command-line backup tool for Flickr. It allows you to download photos, videos, metadata (title, tags, description, geotags, notes, comments), and photosets. It is written in Python and uses Beej's Python Flickr API. Usage: Offlickr.py -i <flickr Id> Backs up Flickr photos and metadata Options: \t-f <date>\tbeginning of the date range \t\t\t(default: since you started using Flickr) \t-t <date>\tend of the date range \t\t\t(default: until now) \t-d <dir>\tdirectory for saving files (

Groovylab - groovy classes for math engineering

GroovyLab: Groovy classes for math engineeringGroovyLab is a collection of Groovy classes to provide matlab-like syntax and basic features (linear algebra, 2D/3D plots). It is based on jmathplot and jmatharray libs: Matrix class Plot class Example Groovy codeBasically, it allows to create scripts with matlab-like syntax for Matrices and plots: import static org.math.array.Matrix.*import static org.math.plot.Plot.* def A = rand(10,3) \t\t// random Matrix of 10 rows and 3 columnsdef B = fill(10,3,

Fluidphpframework - FLUID est un framework PHP permettant la réalisation de site web clé en main a

FLUID est un framework PHP permettant la réalisation de sites simples ou très complexes, accompagné d'un back-office personnalisable. Je suis à la recherche de développeurs, intégrateurs et toute personne souhaitant participer à ce projet (documentation, design, développement, ...). N'HESITEZ PAS A ME CONTACTER Techniquement, FLUID est écrit en PHP5 objet et utilise le moteur de base de données MySQL. Le serveur doit permettre la gestion des images via GD2. La version de base (NON FINA

Python-thunder-engine - 迅雷开放引擎python扩展

概述这个扩展使得python能方便的调用迅雷开放引擎执行下载任务 截图 python调用示例#coding:gbkimport python_thunder_engine as pfrom time import sleepfrom datetime import datetimeimport ostotal=0recv=0start_time=datetime.now()enum_errors=(\t"未知", #æ­¤æ�¡ä¸�用\t"尚未进行åˆ�始化",\t"ä¸�支æŒ�çš„å��议,目å‰�å�ªæ”¯æŒ�HTTP",\t"åˆ�始化托盘图标失败",\t"添加托盘图标失败",\t"指针为空",\t"字符串是空串",\t"传入的路径没有包å�«æ–‡ä»¶å�

Pypingback - Small, robust Pingback client module

AboutPyPingback is a small Python module providing Pingback client functionality. One function that takes the source and target URIs, returning the XML-RPC string response in success, or raising one of a number of explanatory exceptions for fault logging. It tries to be robust in its handling of dead/broken web servers, unpingable sites, and URIs which should not logically be downloaded in full. FunctionalityXML-RPC server discovery through the X-Pingback header. XML-RPC server discovery fall ba