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D-Rose is Dave's Railroad Operations Simulation Environment. That means that this is a program to simulate running an entire railroad. You get to do any job on the railroad (like dispatcher, surveyor, president and engineer), or sit back and watch.




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Thebluerose - A middleware to support multiparadigm communications and dynamic discovery of nearby r

OverviewBlueRose is a middleware to support multiparadigm communications and dynamic discovery of nearby resources in ubiquitous systems. It is developed in C++, Java, C#, Python and Objective-C and it is portable between Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS operating systems. Source code is currently fully documented in every programming language. Also, several demo applications are provided as examples to develop more complex applications. BlueRose is mainly developed by Carlos Rodríguez D

Quoddy - Quoddy - Enterprise Social Networking

Quoddy is part of the ScrewPile suite of tools for building intelligent applications. The "short and dirty" summary is that Quoddy is an open source social-networking, intended for organizational use. It's not something you'd setup to compete with Facebook, but something you might install at your company, club, volunteer organization, church, etc. in order to let people connect and collaborate. Why "Quoddy?"We like lighthouses, so Quoddy is named after the famous West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Ok,

Veol-gadget - Gadget d'affichage des disponibilités de vélos dans le système V'eol (Véol

Gadget V'eol (prononcer "Véol")Ce projet est un gadget Google d'affichage des disponibilités de vélos dans le système V'eol à Caen (14000, France). Voir le site officiel V'eol pour tout ce qui concerne les questions sur le service V'eol, les abonnements, les problèmes avec un vélo, etc. Moi je ne travaille pas pour V'eol, je ne peux rien pour vous, désolé, je ne m'occupe que du gadget non officiel sur mon temps libre. D'ailleurs, c'est un projet qui est à l'origine uniquement un préte

Xoxoshoponline - Website bán hàng online

GIỚI THIỆUHệ thống bán hàng th�i trang online giúp cho cửa hàng XOXO quản lý việc bán hàng qua mạng một cách dễ dàng, có thể liên kết với ngân hàng để kiểm tra thẻ tín dụng của khách hàng phục vụ cho việc mua bán hàng, đồng th�i giới thiệu sản phẩm tới khách hàng một cách nhanh nhất. - Hệ thống giúp cho khách hàng của cửa hàng XOXO biết được chi tiết, giá cả, hình ảnh sản phẩm để

R3e - A 3D Engine for ROSE

This is my attempt at a 3D Engine for the mmorpg ROSE Online, hopefully it will eventually be able to render in full accuracy everything from the game! So far it has support for loading any item in the game and rendering it on a player with full animation support, and support for rendering any NPC from its ID. The next large feature I aim to add is particle effect rendering. Credits are deserved for Brett as this is based off some of his previous work and even uses some code and concepts from hi

Regitar - The combined forces of Register & Tarasiuk

During the course of this class, we will be putting our awesome skills together to create awesome php. Early in the 19th century, the Register clan of Bolivia began their migration to the lower plains of Chile, in search of greener pastures. When the patriarch, Pancho Register, arrived in Chile, he found work as a dock hand in Santiago. Working alongside other seamen, he received wind of a gold rush in on the Pacific side of North America, in a new state called California. Pancho quickly packed

Akendewaremix - Refonte du template joomla du site d'akendewa

Contient les fichiers suivants : akendewaremix - template en cours de finalisation. Index.psd - template compatible avec photoshop et the gimp (avec quelques bugs d'affichages dans le second) Index.png - Interface web htmlpreview.zip - Une page de test . Le rectangle rose correspond au slider mootools actuellement présent sur le site web d'akendewa

Weeker - Projet AIR de prise de notes des tâches de la semaine

Week'er est un système de gestion de planning/tâches spécialement réalisé pour définir des objectifs à la journée et à la semaine sans parler d'horaires. Il inclue une forme simplifiée de timeboxing et de priorisation des tâches à réaliser, permettant de réaliser un objectif hebdomadaire. Les alertes se font à 12H, 15H, 17H et 18H30 si les tâches ne sont pas réalisées d'ici là. Les tâches non-réalisées peuvent être décalée dans la semaine par un simple clic. Ce projet es

Mrbrightsidegame - A 2D rhythm/action superhero game. A DS homebrew student game project.

In this game, you play as a superhero who has the power of... optimism. By being optimistic enough, you can be certain that things will work in your favor to take down whatever obstacles come your way (or others' ways). No matter the odds (and they get to be pretty ridiculous odds), optimism is on your side. The game will be a DS homebrew game. We'll be using the C++ language, PALib (a DS homebrew library which self contains OpenGL), Visual Studio for compiling the code, the NO$GBA and DeSmuMe N

Katagildedrose - Refactoring kata gilded rose

Descripción de la kataTenemos un sistema de inventario desarrollado por un tipo un tanto peculiar y con poco sentido común llamado Leeory, ahora esta persiguiendo nuevas aventuras!, tanta paz lleves como descanso dejas amigo Leeroy!. Tu tarea consiste en añadir una nueva funcionalidad al sistema para que podamos empezar a vender una nueva categoría de items. Para empezar una pequeña introducción a nuestro sistema: Todos los items tienen una fecha de venta, SellIn , que especifica el númer

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