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diptables is simple shell script, that through one method interactive (using dialog and iptables) create a rule of iptables for the local machine. It is very interesting for who is starting to work with iptables.




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Ssh-tunnels - Graphical front-end for creating SSH tunnels with Iptables

This program provides a graphical front-end for creating SSH tunnels that are backed by a corresponding Iptables rule thus creating the illusion that the remote target being tunneled is accessible directly. All traffic to the target is automatically redirected through the tunnel thanks to the corresponding Iptables rule. This software is ideal when firewall rules forbid a client to reach different targets. This program will ease the task of creating SSH tunnels and to assign them a corresponding


ITVal is an analysis tool for evaluating iptables firewall systems. It provides an easy way for a system administrator to verify that his firewall provides the protection he thinks it does. ITVal can analyze multiple NAT'd firewalls connected serially.


SIFT is an iptables firewall script generator. The output of SIFT can be used to run as the quot;/etc/init.d/iptables startquot; script on a GNU/Linux platform. SIFT configuration files are highly flexible because everything is written in Io.

Slash17 - jNetEdit - Java Network/Netkit Editor - Unical

jNetEdit - Java Network/Netkit EditorThesis of Salvatore LoriaAA 2009/2010Università della Calabria (Italy)CdL Informatica - SMFN Author:Loria Salvatore Please report bugs, problems and advices at deadlyomen17[at]gmail.com DownloadDownload jNetEdit-v0.3.2 (using /etc/network/interfaces) SVN checkout: http://slash17.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jNetEdit/ Install instruction - (italian) ChangeLog26/01/2012 - v0.3.2 - bugfix: update project's directory when opening a project 30/03/2011 - v0.3.1 - modi

Ips-builder - Easy instalation of an snort box in bridge mode with a complex config

I' d like to share with all, this script made by me based on root0.net script for ips instalation. This script was tested on fedora 9 but it should work in fedora 10 too. You need 3 network interfaces (One for management and two for the bridge) Apache and Mysql When the script finish his execution you will have an IPS with the following description: Detection engine: -Snort -Easy Update of rules using oinkmaster.pl (just run sh /sbin/oink) Blocking method (interact with IPtables): -Quarentine -R

Puzzle-netadmin - Aplicación web para administrar herramientas de seguridad en tu red.

Desde el año en que se estableció la primera red de computadoras (ARPANET), hasta nuestros días, Internet ha pasado a través de un largo proceso evolutivo. Siendo utilizado actualmente como fuente de conocimiento, medio de comunicación y una amplia plataforma para hacer negocios (e-business). Lastimosamente, también es un canal a través del cual se perpetran ataques que han ocasionado pérdidas de información no sólo a las empresas de diversos tamaños, sino también a las personas natu

Projet-long-wbem - implanter ipsec et iptable sur openpegasus.

Mise en œuvre d’une plateforme pour la configuration et la supervision de mécanismes de sécurité sous linux avec l’architecture WBEM (Web Based Entreprise Management) Les mécanismes de sécurité ne peuvent pas protéger de façon optimale un système & réseau s’ils ne sont pas correctement configurés et supervisés. Ainsi, la sécurité epose d’une part sur l’architecture et son adéquation aux besoins des composants qui le constituent, mais aussi sur la configuration correcte,

Scapync - scapy version of netcat having more options to manipulate TCP packets right from ethernet

In normal netcat, we can't specify source port, destination port, source MAC, destination MAC, sequence number, ttl etc However in scapy netcat all those options can be specified and this makes it more dangerous The following is the help file: Script optionsWhere [required] and [[optional]] options are:python nc --helpScript optionsWhere [required] and [[optional]] options are:[[-h | --help]] for help message[ -s | --src-ip] source IP[ -d | --dest-ip] proxy IP[[-r | --sport]] source port[ -p | -

Netscr - network script (BASH, iptables, ethernet link contriol)

network script (BASH) iptables ethernet link contriol Введениеnetscr - Ñ�крипт напиÑ�ан на bash, позволÑ�ет наÑ�троить iptables за 5 минут, упрощаÑ� Ñ�ей процеÑ�Ñ�. Так же Ñ�ущеÑ�твует возможноÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ контролировать ethernet Ñ�оединениÑ�, что позволÑ�ет чаÑ�тично отказатьÑ�Ñ� от такой утилиты как NetworkManager, котораÑ� не Ñ�читает нужнÑ

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