Gecko SDK for Delphi

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Wrappers and utilities for using Mozilla/Gecko on Delphi.



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Offscreen Gecko

OffscreenGecko is a library for rendering HTML etc content to offscreen buffers, sitting atop of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. The goal is to simplify embedding of Gecko into environments were its output is needed as pixel data, such as 3D engines.

Geckolib - A C# library to interface with the USB Gecko for the Nintendo Wii.

This project is based roughly on the old geckoNET project, however it uses the COM drivers instead of the D2XX drivers that geckoNET used. There is also currently no GUI. As mentioned above, it does not support the FTDI D2XX driver, so end users will need to have the FTDI COM driver installed. This is typically not a problem for Windows users, since they can have both versions of the driver installed at once, but users of Unix-based operating systems will need to uninstall their D2XX driver and

Fast-translate - This Project allows you to translate to any language

This Project allows you to translate any text from any language to any language Fast-Translation<?php// +----------------------------------------------------------------------+// | Project Name: Fast Translate |// +----------------------------------------------------------------------+// | |// | Copyright (C) 2001,2002 R.P.J. Velzeboer, The Netherlands |// | |// | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or |// | modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License |// |

Many-channel-installer - Many Channel Installer

Many Channel Installer est un installateur/désinstallateur de fichiers WAD sur supports SD/SDHC/USB/Gecko. Vous pouvez les gérer en mode normal ou bien sur nand virtuelle. Mettez vos WAD dans un dossier nommé "WAD", à la racine de votre périphérique. Nouveautés de la V2.1 : - Ajout d'informations quand une erreur est trouvé pour vous aider a la corriger - Correction d'un problème d'affichage sur les écrans HD - Fichier meta.xml plus détaillé - You must put your wad in a folder "manyw

Mplayer-ce - Homebrew media player for the Nintendo GameCube / Wii.

News28.03.2010 - SVN builds available Download the latest compiled builds here. SupportWe are always looking for more volunteers to help with the project, so feel free to contact us in #mplayer_ce on EFnet. Don't have an Internet Relay Chat client? Try Mibbit. If you would like to support this project, you may donate to our development fund via PayPal. Bitcoin: 16xmgfGraeNneqUoJ6ZRTiBJ7f2zspqteD Any funds donated will be used to help further development on this project, by purchasing equipment (

The-wine-swiss-knife - an other wine sofware manager

Qui suis-je ?Beaucoup d'autres managers existent mais ne font pas toujours ce qu'on voudrait. wine-install-creator est un script bash qui espère pouvoir remplir ce vide. Que permet-il ?Installer les applications exe et msi dans des répertoires individuels. Faire migrer les applications du répertoire par défaut vers des individuelles. Dé-installer rapidement les applications. (pas encore achevé) Créer et modifier les fichiers de menus. Créer des fichiers de menu dédiés à chaque applica

Gwt-g2d - 2D graphics/multimedia library via HTML canvas.

Announcement2012-01-10 This project is now revived, and will go into a different direction from on. Originally, this project was supposed to be a comprehensive library for 2D manipulation in GWT, based on the excanvas.js project, which was later integrated in GWT directly. Because it is no longer necessary to provide an implementation for canvas manipulation yourself, gwt-g2d will now focus on providing a more convenient interface to access this built-in functionality, providing a higher-level A

Extension-test-framework - Let you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the applicati

DescriptionLet you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the application and with command line with Rhino. How does it workVery simple, you could run it under Rhino JavaScript Shell or under Mozilla application from inside your extension code. Show me examplefile testExample.js function make() { return {\tlog:"Log",\tfiles: [1, 2, "3"] };}test.example = function() { assert.that(make(), is.eqJson({\tlog:"Log",\tfiles:[1, 2, 3]}));};produce following log testExample.js: example: Asse

Django-bigua - A usability oriented site for a tennis court renting business.

Proyecto BiguáUn sistema de reserva de canchas de tenis, enfocado en usabilidad. ¿Qué es?Es una aplicación web desarrollada como tercer obligatorio para la materia Análisis de Sistemas de la carrera Analista Programador de la Universidad ORT, Uruguay. Puedes verlo en funcionamiento en el sitio de prueba. Si no anda es porque apagué la máquina =) Docente: Carlos Nieves Para obtener una copia del código fuente del sistema basta con hacer un checkout del svn: svn checkout http://django-bigu

Openshapefactory - a simple to use 3d scripting language based on OpenCascade ...

What is "OpenShapeFactory":OpenShapefactory is a Middle-Man between you, OpenCascade and QT, it serves as a Geometry Factory wrapping OpenCascade, and providing a single-point of entry to the creation of most geometrical operations. In a Gecko - OpenShapeFactory allows you to create Brep-Geometry: i.e ( sweeps, loft surface, revolvesurface, face,edge,etc); visualize the geometry into a 3d viewport. link QtWidget's created manually in the Qt-Designer to Update Functions that Create Geometry. Get