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D-Factory will re-invent the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), scaled down to small, simple manufacturing operations. We build on existing industry knowledge of (big) MES systems, keeping only the characteristics that are useful in smaller operation




Related Projects


Stellation is a multi-player real time strategy and conquest game, not unlike Planetarion. Features: HTTP interface, real 2D map, factories, refineries, inter-player combat and diplomacy, open-ended gameplay., designed to be played over a period of weeks.


The Matrix3DEx library is a collection of extension and factory methods for Silverlight's Matrix3D class. It includes factory methods for common transformation matrices that are not part of Silverlight like rotation, translation, look-at, projection and useful extension methods.

Dvisionfactory - d|vision|factory code snippets

This is a library of code snippets created by d|vision|factory (dvisionfactory.com) Rails PluginsRelated select forms Global scope

Greecket - a python not block socket module base the greenlet and thread

greecket,基於greenlet和threading的python�阻塞模�socket模塊。 the greecket uer mail list: web:http://groups.google.com/group/greecket mail:greecket@googlegroups.com example greecket_test.py #!/usr/bin/env python#!coding=utf-8import greecketimport sysdef onConnecting(evt): print 'connecting',evt.AsListdef onConnected(evt): print 'connected',evt.AsList evt.Data.send('dfsdfsfsfff') passdef onReceive(event): print 'data receive:',event.AsListdef onError(evt): print 'error:',evt.AsList p

Website-monitor-demo - TDD with WebObjects demo project

Application was used as a demo project for WOWODC 09 "Test-Driven Development with WebObjects" talk by Denis Frolov. It showcases usage of D2W, ERDirectToWeb, custom D2W Factory, custom look framework, page controller, ERXNavigationBar, Selenium, unit, and mock tests.

La4j - elegant linear algebra library for Java

Latest available release: la4j-0.2.0.zip (api + src) (Nov 2011); News14 Nov 2011I've just published awesome article about la4j at CodeProject.com. Enjoy reading! 13 Nov 2011Hey! la4j-0.2.0 just released. Here is changelog: ~55 classes, ~6700 loc, ~90 tests, ~50 kb (bin); new package la4j.io for reading/writing matrices in MatrixMarket format; matrices decomposition (LU, QR, Cholesky, SVD, Eigenvalues) support; matrix inversion support; sparse (CSR) and dense matrices and vectors support; matrice

Pyweek6 - Pyweek 6 from Santa Fe, Argentina

From the authors of Twisted Zombies, from Santa Fe, Argentina: Pedro's Robot FactoryThe StoryPedro is a modest man. One day, he read a book by Isaac Asimov and began to dream about robots (Robot Dreams). Afterwards, Pedro invested his money in a Robot Factory called Pedro's Robot Factory (of course) and you are his roboticist (Sorry). Pedro developed the "Funnelhead" model... and you must to build it. Pedro is a demanding boss and level to level, while the enterprise progress, you must be faster

Ewacto - Enterprise Web Factory

EWACTO pour "Enterprise Web fACTOry". l'idée est de fournir d'abord un CMS puis un ECM basé sur le Zend Framework. le logiciel est pensé pour pouvoir gérer : une organisation modulaire le cycle de vie d'un document les versions d'un document / d'un page web l'agregation de documents (ex : image dans fiche produit) des automatismes pour le operations CRUD des automatismes pour faciliter l'édition une gestion des utilisateur et des droits une gestion des pages web composites. de multiple catÃ

Reality Factory 2

Reality Factory 2 is a next-generation game authoring suite. It combines a flexible, fully scripted game development environment powered by Python with the Ogre3D engine, and supports all major desktop operating systems.