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Real-time collision detection library for physical simulations in virtual environments. Includes support for self colliding objects as needed for simulation of textiles and clothes.




Related Projects


ScGraph is a 3D graphics server for the SuperCollider audio synthesis/composition/livecoding environment (which is also hosted here on Sourceforge.net).

Amath574-project - Final project for AMath 574 on computing caustic waves using Clawpack.

Caustic Waves in ClawpackThis project contains code for computing 2D acoustic waves. In particular, we examine "caustic" waves: convex acoustic waves that collide with themselves. This code uses the Clawpack software package developed by Randall J. LeVeque of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington. Our paper and presentation can be found here: paper, presentation Authors: Mikala Johnson and Chris Swierczewski

Virtual-pool-zero - 3D Billiards Simulator using Java OpenGL

3D Billiards Simulator using Java OpenGLThe project consists in an attempt to replicate the billiards simulation game called Virtual Pool ((c) Celeris). So far, the project implements a 3D game environment including a pool table, lamps, chairs, a cue stick and billiard balls. It allows the user to shoot the cue ball and watch the balls collide and fall into pockets. No specific billiard game rules have been implemented yet. User friendly camera controls and cue striking mechanism are identical t

Alegria-engine - Alegria 2D Game Engine

Alegría 2D Game EngineInfoAlegría is an open-source 2D Game Engine for Windows being written in C++ . It makes use of OpenGL for rendering, Box2d for physics simulation, Win32 API for input and OpenAL for sound, and supports Python scripting. Right now it's being developed by me, a student of the UPV with the spare help of some pals as a didactic, non-profit project. NewsUpdate 01/December/2011 Alegria Editor will be soon in release state! Probably in February, or so... Here goes a screnshot o

Krayserkraw - Advanced 3D simulation and rendering framework

Abstract Integration of collision and graphics layers at sub-entity level Motivation One of the most astonishing features shown in Crysis is the tight integration of the collision and graphics layers. This can be seen in the way plants bend when the character passes through them, or the sensation of a completely interactive world where everything can be touched, bent, broken, shot or utterly destroyed. There is a sense that any level of world subdivision (tree, branch, leaf) that is convenient f

Balldropping - Augmented Reality game involving Balls, Paddles, and Sound!

A fun, physical, intuitive and engaging way for users to build custom 3D visual and sound environments Balls drop from set location User draws paddles in 3D environment When balls collide with paddles, tone is created based on velocity of ball Tones play in stereo audio to convey 3D location of balls Paddles can be manipulated or deleted Drop speed can be controlled Inspired by - http://balldroppings.com/js/

Flarmaze - FLARToolkit+pv3d+jiglib demo

FLARmazeIt is enough simple demo of augmented reality with physics implemented.The maze is controlled by the FLAR marker, the ball moves freely and collides with walls. The task is to move the bal to the red target cube. Check it out!print that marker allow the flash player to use your camera. you can use 'fullscreen' mode. Just like that. FLARtoolkit is used for marker tracking, papervision3d for graphics and jiglib for physics. The code is written for FlashPlayer10. The project is written usin

Levelwalker - A level geometry walkthrough plug-in, with collision testing, for the DeleD 3D editor

This plug-in will extract the geometry from a DeleD scene, and let you walk through it using WASD style keys. It will do collision detection with all geometry, except geometry marked as non-collidable. This allows you to get a better feel for what the level will look like from a player's perspective, without having to export it to a separate 3D engine. Settings allow you to specify player height, and player radius, for putting the camera and collision in the right perspective. The player is mode

Chemicalreaxion - Chemical Reaxion

Chemical Reaxion is a 2D shooter where the player must eliminate volatile chemicals before they collide and explode.


SDL_Collide is a simple 2D collision detection library for SDL supporting pixel perfect collision tests between surfaces, bounding box collision checks and circle intersection routines.