Community Z Tools

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Community Z Tools Project (CZT): Tools for editing, typechecking and animating Z specifications and related notations. Includes a Java framework for building formal methods tools.



Related Projects

Z Word Tools

Tools to allow Z specifications to be written in Microsoft Word. Includes a unicode font for Z symbols. Provides: WYSIWYG editing fully integrated into Word; Typechecking using fuzz (for Spivey Z) or CZT (for ISO standard Z); Indexing and cross-referencing; Diagrams of specification structure; Conversion from Spivey to Standard Z- also available as a stand-alone program and Java class for non-windows users. See project website for details.

Autoz - UML diagram verification

AUtoZ is framework for UML diagram verification. Class and state diagrams are automatically transformed into Z, a formal language, which is then analysed and any inconsistencies are presented to the user. UML suffers from a lack of formal semantics. This can cause ambiguities and inconsistencies to be introduced at the design stage of the software development lifecycle. AUtoZ aims to provide industrial-strength formal verification for UML class and state diagrams. AUtoZ is fully integrated into

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