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cz2cz is software for converting text files between various encoding charsets (ISO-8859-2, Win-1250, UTF-8, ...). Main feature is autodetection of charset used in text file. Only in czech language (and useful for cz user only).



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Ecka-j2me - J2ME Midlet for looking for information about food ingridients

Based on project "Ecka" from site

Parliament-poll-stats - The web-site to show nice piecharts generated from poll results in parliamen

Currently early version of project, which is supposed to be launched at some publicly accessible site. The first goal is to deliver overview of poll results from czech parliament. Results are going to be periodically fetched from The site is going to be launched at (in Czech language only).

Pyqqwry - A python module for QQWry IP database

QQWry IP database is a frequently updated and completely free resource for IPv4-to-location conversion. It's for Chinese, and most of IP address and geographic information are in Chinese. QQWry download link: PyQQWRY is a python module to parse the database file and to do conversions.

RSTEIN Posterous API C# Wrapper

Posterous C# API wrapper-for Silverlight (SL 4) & .NF 3.5 & WP7 Only Posterous API 1.0 is supported. Included is project "Posterous backup" - Simple example that demonstrates use of API wrappper. Machine translation of my article about API: Enjoy

Chared - Character encoding detection tool

chared is a tool for detecting the character encoding of a text in a known language. The language of the text has to be specified as an input parameter so that correspondent language model can be used. The package contains models for a wide range of languages. In general, it should be more accurate than character encoding detection algorithms with no language constraints. What's newChangelog InstallationMake sure you have Python 2.6 or later and lxml library version 2.2.4 or later installed. Dow

Team-3-project - Team 2 - E-bedynky

This is an academic project dealing with completion of E-bedynky system ( It is an semestral work for purposes of courses Y36SI2 (or A7B36SI2) and Y36SI3 at FEE, CTU Prague. The system is based on JAVA platform and uses Spring MVC framework. All specific information will be published only in Czech language.

Python-gnt - Python bindings for libgnt, an ncurses toolkit that uses glib events.

python-gnt provides python bindings for libgnt, and ncurses toolkit that uses glib events. It also includes a bunch of applications: An RSS reader An ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. A client for GNU Parted A client for XMMS2 A client for Deluge A client for museekd The git repository is hosted at:

Pizzaboxroom - Doxroom resources

Official site: NOTE: the subversion repository here in the "source" tab is meant only for backup purposes. The up to date repository is under git version control and can be found at IMPORTANT: you must have ruby on rails and ferret installed. See doc/INSTALL for installation instructions. Doxroom is mostly MIT licensed work, but it incorporates modules with different licenses. Google code lets me specify only one so I chose the GPLv2 (o

Pdict - Simple dictionary application

IntroductionpDict is a simple GUI for dictionary searching. Features are: Interactive GUI platform independent (tested on FreeBSD, Linux, Windows) uses Qt libraries stores window positions and last used dictionary RequirementsPyQt or PyGTK Python Installationusing Python distutils # python installConfigurationBy editing global section in configuration file stored in ~/.pdict/pdictrc (after first run) or by copying INSTALL_DIR/pdictrc to ~/.pdict/. Configuration file has following syntax