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Cypher is an encryption program that uses the AES (Rijndael) algorithm to encrypt and decrypt files. You can use Cypher to protect sensitive data from unwanted access.



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Cryptoslam is a curses-based tool for creating and solving the simple pencil-and-paper cryptograms found in newspapers and puzzle magazines. It is a tool that aids in analyzing, examining, and trying possible decodings of simple substitution cyphers.

Valhalla-crypt - Java crypt tool

Java crypt CLI + GUI tool, mainly for demo & teaching Requirements : - Java 6+ - A GUI environment

Matrix-show - Screensaver - Matrix code falls with custom pictures in background

Remember the the first Matrix movie (teh good one) where Cypher is watching the falling code and tells Neo "...all I see is blonde, brunette, red head..." That was the idea behind this project. Its a matrix screen saver with a really cool edge. (IMHO) You set a folder with your pictures (animated gifs are great) and you will see the normal matrix code falling but where the code is you will see your picture in the background. UPDATE 9/27/2009: Added customizable random messages that type on the s

Cyprex-emu - Cyprex Emulator For World of Warcraft

This is a world of warcaft emulator made by the Project Cypher Team. The point of this project is to provide people with a way to play world of warcraft without an internet connection. We are currently looking for people to help us on this project. We will have a website very soon. If anyone is interested in helping our cause please email...

Griffon Cryptanalysis Package

An easy to use GUI for cryptanalysis of pre-digital ciphers. Usefull for historical researchers, the rabidly paranoid, or those who do crypto for fun. Future releases will move upwards towards more modern cyphers.

Braudefinalproj - This will be the final project of the degree

The subjects this projects will deal with are... using data mining for speaker recognition and cypher text analysis

Kruptools - All kind of tools

All kind of tools optimized for Ubuntu/Linux. List with tools D-CM: D-Control Manager, handy Manager for web-programmers DCrypt: Encryption and Decryption utility D-CM DCrypt Dcrypt is an encryption (and decryption) utility which uses a different, special way of encrypting as the other encryption utilities Depending on which password you use, a different pattern will be used. Dcrypt has a system in which encryption methods are linked to a letter of the alphabet. If