Cygwin Ports

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A large repository of open-source programs built for Cygwin, including X11 desktops, language interpreters, multimedia frameworks, cross-compiler toolchains, and much more. Also hosted here is the cygport tool for building Cygwin packages. cygport releases and the Ports Git repositories are hosted here; Ports packages are available from the website.



Related Projects


win-bash is port of the GNU bash for Microsoft Windows NT based systems. It is independent from the cygwin library and any other non-standard DLL and does not need any registry variables. win-bash is based on bash_nt from Mountain Math Softw

GNOME 2.4 on Cygwin

This project has been merged into the Cygwin Ports project.

Cygwin build and port tool

Utilities for Win32 Cygwin source and binary package maintainers. To configure, build, strip, produce diffs and generate cygwin specific template files. To put it simply: Convert Unix/Linux/Perl packages into complete Cygwin Net Releases. PROJECT MOVED.

GRISBI for Windows

Port of GRISBI a GPL accounting manager ( under Windows. Depending of the GRISBI version the port should be done using CYGWIN or in a native way. You will found here all stuff needed to install, use and compile GRISBI under Windows

No Name Go Server (NNGS)

The NNGS (No Name Go Server) is a game server which allows you to play the game of Go over the Internet. It basically runs as a 'deamon' under Unix (though cygwin-port is available) and supports connections from many clients (both graphical and text)

KDE on Cygwin

The KDE on Cygwin project was started to enable the kde desktop on cygwin/x11. Is was stopped in september 2005 because of the native KDE4 port. For KDE/cygwin packages see For the qt3 win32 port see

Golang-on-cygwin - Google Go Programming Language port to Cygwin [EXPERIMENTAL]

This is an experimental port to Cygwin. Nothing here is stable. To check out this repo, run the following command: hg clone golang-on-cygwin To build, check out the code and set the following environment variables: export GOROOT=/path/to/golang-on-cygwinexport GOARCH=386export GOOS=linuxexport GOBIN=/path/to/your/local/binexport PATH=$PATH:$GOBIN


Just Another Rsync Front-end for Windows. Consists in a GUI front-end for the Rsync client functionality and a Windows service for the Rsync daemon. It is bundled with a minimum Cygwin-port of Rsync (rsync.exe, UTF8-patched cygwin1.dll and cygiconv-2.dll). The primary goal i...


A port of Gentoo Linux to the Win32/Cygwin platform