Cygwin-Lite Minimal Cygwin Environment

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Cygwin-lite is a subset of the Cygwin tools plus a HTML User's Guide (see homepage), designed for people new to GNU software, especially bash. The self-executable installer fits on a 1.44MB floppy disk.



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Mapreduce-lite - A C++ implementaton of MapReduce without distributed filesystem

MapReduce Lite is a C++ implementation of the MapReduce programming paradigm. It is Lite because it does not rely on a distributed filesystem -- it uses local filesystem; does not have a dynamic task scheduling system -- the map/reduce tasks were scheduled before the parallel job is started; has almost zero deployment / configuration cost -- just link the MapReduce Lite library statically to your program and run it. As a lite implementation, MapReduce Lite does not support auto failover. But it

Mini-cygwin - small and cute cygwin Environment

mini-cygwin No.1 full cygwin1.7.x environment will consume 4.6GB of your harddisk;and my mini-cygwin1.7.x just cosume 7.77M harddisk space. 完整的cygwin1.7.x 环境装完了以å�Žï¼Œä¼šå� ç”¨ä½ 4.6GB的硬盘空间,而我的mini-cygwin 1.7.x å�ªå� ç”¨7.77Mçš„ç£�盘空间。 No.2 compressed min-cygwin just cost 2.4MB harddisk space. unarchive the cygwin-lite.7z on your disk C,and click cygwin/cygwin.reg is what you need to do. 压缩的mini-cygwin å�ªæœ‰ 2.4MB,你需è¦�å�šçš„就是解压ç¼