Cyclone3 - XUL/Perl CMS Framework

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Cyclone3 is a platform that enables you to create robust, well integrated and specialized applications of all kinds, not just Web/XHTML based applications. All applications are based on open standards and technologies, primarily Perl and XUL.



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Synopsis - Indentify, track and delineate extra-tropical or tropical cyclones in a gridded data set.

WelcomeSynopsis is a python project that does three things: 1) A search algorithm that can find candidate low pressure systems in a gridded sea level pressure field (SLP). 2) A cyclone tracking algorithm that attempts to link the previously found centers into tracks. 3) A cyclone delimiting algorithm that adaptively find the outer edges of the cyclone system while allowing for complex-nested systems. Synopsis is also know as the MAP Climatology of Mid-latitude Storminess (MCMS) due to an unfortu

Cyclone-cn - an organization developing personal/light weight ERP system.

Cyclone-cn an organization developing personal/light weight ERP system. Sub projects: 1) Cyclone-cn Order. 2) Cyclone-cn Warehouse. 3) Cyclone-cn Server. Technologies involved: 1) Development of Eclipse plugins. 2) GEF/EMF/GMF frameworks. 3) SWT(standard window toolkit) of eclipse. 4) Eclipse RCP. 4) Concept of ETL.

Mp3lite - Undergraduate senior design project: create an audio player on Altera's DE1 board

Mp3lite (em-pee-three-leet) is a semester-long project for the 2008 Computer Engineering Senior Design class at Cleveland State University. We, Team 3lipse, are using Altera's DE1 educational development board which features a Cyclone II EP2C20F484C7 FPGA. Our primary goal is to create an audio player that can decode and play mp3s stored on an external SD card.

Myt3dlib - a 3D graphics rendering system based on software emulation

myt3dliba 3D graphics rendering system based on software emulation,一个基于软件渲染的3d引擎(硬件版 myd3dlib) Screen shots System RequirementsWindows XP or higher Pentium 4, AthlonXP 3GHz or better, (my CPU: Core2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHz) 512MB RAM Note: Because of the software rendering engine, which takes advantage of only one processor, a multiple core processor or a higher video card will not get help in speed. Features(Sorry for my poor English) Object-Oriented C++ 3D Rasteri

Schifra - Schifra Reed Solomon Error Correcting Code Library

Schifra is a very robust, highly optimized and extremely configurable Reed-Solomon error correcting code library for both software and IP core based applications with implementations in C++ and VHDL. Schifra supports standard, shortened and punctured Reed-Solomon codes. It also has support for stacked product codes and interleaving. General FeaturesErrors and Erasures Supported Symbol Sizes - 2 to 32 bits Variable Code Block Length User defined primitive polynomial and fin

3s - s3 prototype using cyclone and other cool stuff

s3 prototype using cyclone and other cool stuff


s3 prototype using cyclone and other cool stuff


Base setup for bigger projects; using Altera Cyclone 1 FPGAs (sub-$10 _with breakout board_ !! on ebay from hong kong!) after all the painstaking pin routing blah blah boring things that I had to do/document. Warning: Cyclone 1s are not in the Quartus Web Edition, and are mostly only a pro feature, but I got a license for using them with something else.


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