CybOrg. The CyberCafe Organizer

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CybOrg, the Cybercafe Organizer, is a point of sales and administration system for internet cafes. It has a web-based interface and is written in Perl using Template Toolkit and a RDBMS. CybOrg uses a Windows/Linux client to block workstations.



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Xarman is an addictive two player version of Minesweeper. You control a cyborg that walks around a mine field, and must beat your opponent by conquering half the field before he does.

BorgASM [cyBorg Assembler]

BorgASM will be a fully integrated environment for simulated cybernetic and robotic experimentation. A general purpose real-time AI/physics/animation engine core will facilitate virtual exploration of the unification of man and machine.

Electricsheep - An internet-wide cyborg mind using Darwinian evolution and Mathematics to animate ab

The Electric Sheep is a cyborg mind. It harnesses the collective intelligence of 450,000 computers and people to create abstract art with mathematics and Darwinian evolution. The result is seamless, organic, and infinite. See also and See the Wiki and FAQ. The rendering engine is a separate project at FLAM3.

Cotc - Cult of The Cyborg - Text Adventure

Cult of The CyborgAn open source FREEWARE futuristic text adventure/RPG, in which the player, <insert your name here> has stumbled upon some unlikely information, leading a cult of dangerous people on his trail. A few of the features we have planned: Enlist NPCs with their own personalities. Puzzles. Riddles. Mysteries, any brain exercise we can fit into the game. Strategic Combat. Don't waste your ammo on the rats. Game Development Team: Abacist

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InformacjeStrona ta powstała głównie po to, żeby łatwo zarządzać kodem źródłowym który powstanie w kole naukowym Cyborg++ wydziału Mechatroniki Politechniki Warszawskiej. Czemu tak? na razie nie posiadamy własnej strony używa svn do zarządzania kodem umożliwia łatwe tworzenie tutoriali/howto w systemie Wiki umożliwia śledzenie zmian większość naszej pracy korzysta z kodu Open Source, więc i my będziemy udostępniać nasz Trafiłeś przypadkiem?Może trafisz tu na przydatn

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computing - Source for Cyborg Literacy

Source for Cyborg Literacy