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A graphical isometric multiplayer virtual reality server in MUD-style. Rooms and server code can be changed online. At the moment, there is also an IRC link. Clients are available in Java and Python/C.



Related Projects

Cbbweb - Cyanide studios Blood Bowl game WEB interface.

If you don't know who is Morg 'n' Thorg cBBweb has no interest for you ! Go directly to the Wiki: Home | Aller directement au Wiki: Home Due to a lack of feedbacks, help and time I decided to stop this development. To see what cBBweb will provide: Features List To see what you could do with cBBweb: UserStories List. Important NoticeBlood Bowl, The Blood Bowl logo, GW, Games Workshop, Warhammer, the Warhammer Device, and all associated marks, logos, places, names, creatures, races and race insign

Cyanide-and-happiness - Get your daily dose of Cyanide and Happiness

This gadget should pick up Cyanide and Happiness daily cartoon and display it in your iGoogle. This is my first iGoogle Gadget, bear with me here.

Webcomic-grabber - Webcomic grabber, viewer and exported

Allows downloading, viewing and pdf exporting of popular webcomics such as xkcd, Wtd, Cyanide and Happiness, and others.

Cyanides-bench-pressing-system - Bench-Pressing in SA:MP

Cyanide's Bench-Press System allows players to bench press just like in singleplayer. Video:

Cyanides-inventory-system - Cyanide's Inventory System name explains itself

This inventory system's name explains it all. This inventory system features a description feature, which can be used for useful purposes. There's a load and safe feature installed into the script.

Bb-oftl - Online Blood Bowl match tracking used by the OFTL

An online match tracking system for the Blood Bowl video game developed by Cyanide. This system is used by the OFTL and is deployed at This project includes both the server- and client-side components.

Dungeonpartyhomemademap - home made maps for Dungeon Party

This project includes all home made maps created with Dungeon Party Editor by Cyanide. Ce projet regroupe toutes les cartes créées par les joueurs de Dungeon Party


OBBLM portalCheck out the new OBBLM portal with BOTOCS and Cyanide support at Join us and play BB online with LRB6. DevelopmentThe development of OBBLM has had a great success regarding its user contributions to the project. We therefore strongly encourage all users who may have ideas for improvement or additions, or may have written improvements or additions themselves, to contact the development team and let us know about it in the Issues section of this page. DocumentationSee

cyanide - And RSS fetcher for Cyanide and Happiness that includes the images in the feed

And RSS fetcher for Cyanide and Happiness that includes the images in the feed


A simple PHP test framework, initially targetted for use with the Student Robotics IDE: cyanide