PyCXX Python-C++ Connection

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PyCXX is a set of classes to help create extensions of Python in the C++ language. The first part encapsulates the Python C API taking care of exceptions and ref counting. The second part supports the building of Python extension modules in C++.



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Homoworks - This is a lab for researching, developing projects for small business units!

1. developing utils libs; 2. applying new techs; 3. hosting source code;

M0cxx0r - Compiler Generated Mock Objects For C++

A library for automatically creating mock objects in C++, setting expectations for calls on those objects and subsequently verifying that the expected calls were made.

Imneon1 - My private code collection.

Intended for my personal code repository, but can be used by anyone or entity if he/she is interested in my code.

Dds-psm-cxx - OMG DDS C++ API

NOTICEThis project has moved to GitHub on -- This project contains the joint PrismTech/RTI submission for the new C++ API for the OMG Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS). This new API is a quantum leap forward when compared to the old C++ API both in terms of simplicity, extensibility, portability and safety. Much of this specification has been inspired by the OpenSplice DDS technology incubator called SimD (Simple DDS) which you can downloa

Php-logger-extension - A php logging framework

Php LoggerThis project is a php logging framework that uses the apache's log4cxx library as a php extension. The main purpose of this project is to build a replacement for the log4php logging framework. When using the log4php your application will need to parse and load the whole framework on every request, the application needs to pay this cost even when the logger is configured to a low level of verbosity (like FATAL or ERROR) and this will also affect the application performance in production


CxxTest is a unit testing framework for C++ that is similar in spirit to JUnit, CppUnit, and xUnit. CxxTest is easy to use because it does not require precompiling a CxxTest testing library, it employs no advanced features of C++ (e.g. RTTI) and it supports a very flexible form of test discovery.

Ezaero - The ezaero project aim is to provide a concise and practical sandbox of code and docs usefu

The aim of this project is to act as a sandbox for all the common code I have written and re-written from project to project. As well as central access point for articles I've written and links to others I have found useful. The main language focus will be Java and C++, but also groovy, scala, lua, and python.