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cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that allows access to Oracle databases and conforms to the Python database API specification version 2.0



Related Projects


Cross platform tools written in Python that perform common Oracle database developer tasks


Cross platform tools written in Python to perform Oracle DBA tasks such as starting, stopping and creating Oracle databases


Set of modules used for describing, compiling or otherwise manipulating Oracle database objects.

Cx-oracle-demos - demo/tutorial suite for cx_Oracle, the Python interface to Oracle

This is a set of demo program for cx_Oracle. Each program illustrates one feature of cx_Oracle. There's a script which generates a set of web pages for easy perusal. Contributions welcome! Just copy one of the the existing demo programs and modify.

Marknet - a collection of useful small programs

This is an aggregation of several programs too small to bundle up by themselves. The include: cxOracle additions Python snippets omnifocus imap importer pl/sql code generator socket spy old school hex dumper

General-data-import - General data import

CxddDataImport java utility is general data import utility which load data from symbol separated input text files into Oracle and MS SQL tables. CxddDataImport utility has additional UTILITY_NAME paremeter in comparison with data import utilities from previous CxDD projects. All CxddDataImport utility parameters are held in the configuration files. Paths to configuration files are specified in the following command line: …java -classpath … parexel.dtspackages.CxddDataImport [DB_CFG [EMAIL_CF

Z-cxoracle-da - This is a Zope Database Adaptor for cx_Oracle

This is a Zope Database Adaptor for cx_Oracle. It's currently only been tested with Zope 2.7 and above with cx_Oracle 4.3.1 and above.

Diplomprint - DiplomPrint project

Проект печати дипломов и приложенийСхема бизне�-проце��ов (.png) И�пользуемые ин�трументы: Интерпретатор Python 2.6.1 Библиотека дл� СУБД PostgreSQL psycopg2-2.0.8 (psycopg2-2.0.8.win32-py2.6-pg8.3.4-release.exe) Библиотека дл� СУБД Oracle (cx_Oracle-5.0.1-10g.win32-py2.6.msi) Docutils (docutils-0.5.tar.gz) Фреймворк Django 1.0 (Django-1.

Esutil - A variety of python utilities, with a focus on numerical data analysis.

This python packages includes a wide variety of utilities, focused primarily on numerical python, statistics, and file input/output. News2012-04-27: Tagged version 0.5.1 Release Notes 2012-01-15: Tagged version 0.5.0 2012-01-15: The comoving volume returned by the cosmology class is now for the whole sky, whereas previously it was per steradian. To get the old behavior, divide by 4*pi older news. Click here to view a full list of changes Getting the codeTo use stable versions, get one of the dow

Staticdhcpd - A flexible, high-performance, SQL-driven, static-address-only DHCP server

staticDHCPd is an all-Python, RFC 2131-compliant DHCP server -- with support for common extensions and customizable arbitrary options -- that only serves static DHCP "leases". It was created to satisfy a need for a DHCP server that offers full control over which MACs are allowed to learn about and gain access to a network and to allow the set of allowed MAC addresses to be easily manipulated using familiar tools (SQL clients) in real time, without the need to ever restart any processes or rewrit