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cross platform logging module for Python with a C interface



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General-data-import - General data import

CxddDataImport java utility is general data import utility which load data from symbol separated input text files into Oracle and MS SQL tables. CxddDataImport utility has additional UTILITY_NAME paremeter in comparison with data import utilities from previous CxDD projects. All CxddDataImport utility parameters are held in the configuration files. Paths to configuration files are specified in the following command line: …java -classpath … parexel.dtspackages.CxddDataImport [DB_CFG [EMAIL_CF

Starfinder - An astronomy portal Flex2 application

A location specific information portal for astronomers developed using Flex2 and PHP.The primary goals for the project are: - To provide a useful internet based tool for astronomers of all levels. - A personal learning exercise. - To engineer a 'best practices' example of Flex2 application development.The primary features of the project are: - An at-a-glance view of current weather conditions and object visibility. - A RSS interface to popular astronomy feeds. - Detailed weather reports and fore

Apostasis - WoW Combat Log Parser

A fork of StasisCL (, advancing it with more recently submitted patches. (original StasisCL description follows) StasisCL is an open source, BSD licensed (see License) Perl application that parses WoW combat logs and generates statistics from them. The goal of the project is to generate static HTML reports that you host on your own web server. It should work on TBC logs as well as WLK logs. I especially encourage you to look at healing reports and buff reports,

Gui2exe - A wxPython-based GUI which unifies all the executable-builders for Python

GUI2Exe is a Graphical User Interface frontend to all the "executable builders" available for the Python programming language. It can be used to build standalone Windows executables, Linux applications and Mac OS application bundles and plugins starting from Python scripts. News07 May 2012 Version 0.5.3 released, correcting some major flaws in the user interface, mostly due to changes in wxPython 2.9 05 May 2012 Version 0.5.2 released 24 Aug 2011 Version 0.5.1 released 16 Oct 2009 Version 0.5.0

Polarhrm - get data out of polar watches linux

#here is the stating point. current issuesrcx5: get the driver working correctly (pairing, commands ...) get session (how to stick the packets together) accessing the usb system as normal user instead of root user. create a udev rule see README parse raw session data (some help would be fine :-) parse hr values correctly (sample file: dump hrm output) rs800cx: samples with S3 Foodpod and Cycling gear are needed. find more data in raw sessions (I don t find more) s625x: samples with Cycling gear

Colormap - Little tool to create postscript color images

A little tool to create 24-bit postscript color images from 2D fits files or text files. Uses pgplot and optionally lua for scripting. Note, that the raster images in postscript code generated by pgplot contain only 256 colors selected from 24-bit palette even though the colors are expressed as 24-bit numbers. Colormap replaces the pgplot raster images with fully 24-bit colors. USAGE: colormap [options] file [luafile]Please note, that the options are case sensitiveFor a list of commands availabl

Asyframe - 基于Boost.asio的��步/�异步(Half-Sync/Half-Async)通信框架

asyframe是基于Boost.asio的��步/�异步(Half-Sync/Half-Async)通信框架,使用C++实现。 asyframe的最大工作在于构建起了一个纯异步通信程�的�动和结�逻辑,而在通信�作方�仅是对Boost.asio的简��装,为�个�作增加了定时器功能。其它的一些细节如下: 1.支�TCP�UDP和SSL,至少能够在Linux和Windows两个平�上�行; 2.�置文件读�使用的是Boost.property_tree; 3.日志模�使用的是log4cx

File-looper - A windows utility that allows users to schedule files to run at specified times.

IntroductionThis utility has 3 main features: Almost Zero Configuration for Users Unlike crontab in UNIX or the regular windows task scheduler, looper, for the regular users, doesn't require any configuration other than prefix your file with an intuitive time pattern (see below) Flexible Logging Since logging uses an "event" like framework, logging can be easily turned on/off in the looper config file. In addition, logging primarily uses sqlalchemy model, the backend logging portion can be direc

Happy2 - Happy /Harvest 2

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"></meta> <title>orkut - </title> <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="" type="image/x-icon"> <script type="text/javascript"> var JSHDF = {}; JSHDF['CGI.POST_TOKEN'] = '982876D10D4A5015F9647CC0D8BC1AA6'; JSHDF['Page.signature.raw'] = 'zdpOJ39Y1QA2bKEt8bMjAhbjf9E='; JSHDF['photosLabel'] = 'fotos'; JSHDF['sc

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