Continuous wavelet transform

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A command-line tool for applying the continuous wavelet transform with respect to predefined wavelets to sampled data.



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Continuous wavelet transform library

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1. Introduction A practical and handy peak alignment method (alignDE) is proposed, implemented in this research for first-order chromatograms, which basically consists of five steps: (1) chromatograms lengths equalization using linear interpolation; (2) accurate peak pattern matching by continuous wavelet transform (CWT) with the Mexican Hat and Haar wavelets as its mother wavelets; (3) flexible baseline fitting utilizing penalized least squares; (4) peak clustering when gap of two peaks is larg

Baselinewavelet - Intelligent background-correction algorithm for highly fluorescent sample in Raman

1. Introduction An intelligence background-correction algorithm for highly fluorescent sample in Raman spectroscopy has been developed with peak detection and width estimation by CWT wavelet and background fitting by penalized least squares. The programming language is R( 2. Installation 2.1 baselineWavelet 4.0 What New of baselineWavelet 4.0.0: By taking the advantage of sparse matrix in R package "Matrix", we implemented the sparse version of whittaker smoother and b