color wrapper

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cw(color wrapper) is a non-intrusive ANSI color wrapper for common unix-based commands on GNU/linux. cw is designed to simulate the environment of the commands being executed, so that if a person types 'du', 'df', etc. it will be colored in real-tim



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Awesomium-c - C-API for Awesomium 1.6

OverviewAwesomium is a thin wrapper around chromium/webkit which allows for offscreen rendering of web content to be easily integrated in other applications, e.g. games. The official Awesomium API is C++ only so this project aims at creating a full, easy to use (cough) C-API on top of the original C++ API. A couple of points 99% of the C++ API is wrapped except resource interceptors Each class in the original API is wrapped via awe_CLASSNAME_methodname C procedures/functions. If you follow this

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Simple C++ wrapper for zlib streams and zip32 file entries in an elegant, tiny and tidy coding style. Zipstream aims to provide and easy way to access ZIP files along with zlib in a C++ object oriented style to allow you to integrate ZIP files into your application as you were accessing a normal file (on demand application style). You know, because there is a lot of advantages of using a compression system with random access as a virtual drive for your apps'. Bear in mind that it's not finished!

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RWObjCWrapper is a wrapper objc library for the iOS.


Extension of a C++Wrapper for C impl. of Delaunay triangulation


c wrapper for atmos


A Python library for generating a PDF feature vector with special focus at javascript. Including a C-wrapper for Razorback.


process .bi5-files provided by Dukascopy, provides a C++-wrapper and other language-bindings, too