Clinic Web Manger

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CWM is an online practice management software which helps doctors amp; clinics manage their practice from anywhere / anytime and provide better services to their patients. CWM automatically reminds your patients about their appointments.



Related Projects


Euler Yet another proof Engine


A lightweight IDE for Artificial Intelligence. Started as GUI for the Euler reasoning engine. The sources can be N3, RDF, OWL, UML, eCore, plain XML or XSD, files or URL's. Wraps Drools (or CWM, FuXi) as N3 rules engines. Model based app. generation.

Cwm-drawtool - A simple drawing tool based on svg-edit.

CWM Draw ToolAn alternate interface to the popular open source drawing tool, SVG-edit, designed for use in CAST's educational web applications. SVG-edit is the core editing canvas; this project includes Javascript extensions, HTML, and CSS for the customized interface. This project also includes an Apache Wicket component for inserting the drawing tool into Wicket applications as well as plugins for including drawing "starters" and upload functionality. Special thanks to the SVG Edit team for th

Sc-cwm - c-Web Monitor

CWM - NetBeans project group to work with my colleagues.

Fuxi - FuXi 1.0: A Python-based, bi-directional logical reasoning system for the semantic web

The general idea is to leverage the efficiency of the RETE-UL algorithm as the 'engine' for an open-source expert system for the semantic web, built on Python and rdflib. It is inspired by its predecessors: cwm, pychinko - Rete-based RDF friendly rule engine, and euler - Euler proof mechanism. PrerequisitesFuxi requires rdflib 2.4.1, 2.4.2, or layercake (preferred) as it is not compatible with rdflib 3.+. Either of these can be installed from Cheeseshop via easy_install: easy_install -U "rdflib<


Editing CWM-Based Roms made easy !

Cf-root-apollo - CF-Root kernel for apollo

CF-Root kernel for the Galaxy 3 aka apolloFeatures: Root Superuser Busybox CWM v2.5

Bionix-nextgen - convert the amend script to edify

For the people that have upgraded to CWM 3 the scripts for applying updates have changed from amend to edify. This project converts the bionix-nextgen rom to be flashable by ClockWorkMod Recovery 3.

Cwm-project - ChatWithMe

It's a simple messaging application like messenger. For school project. Written in c#.

Talon-dev-kernel - Issue Tracker for Talon kernel

Welcome to the Talon kernel issue tracker. The 'Talon' kernel is an i9000 sourced kernel for the Samsung Captivate. Talon is an OC/UV supported kernel, with OC support on the CPU and GPU. Talon includes the latest ZRAM and custom LMK settings for optimal memory performance with 341mb available RAM (352MB in BIGMEM version). Other included features of Talon are, Voodoo lagfix and Voodoo sound by Supercurio, a custom CWM v3.0.0.5, Simple IO Scheduler, SFB network scheduler, Speedmod Color