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A framework for building, deploying and managing well-described REST-ful Web services, including REST-ful Web Services realizations for RSS, XML Topic Maps, Structured Arguments, and Workflow.



Related Projects

Cwii - CWEB Interfaces and Implementations

This project aims to implement C interfaces using CWEB based on the books "C Interfaces and Implementations" by David R. Hanson and "Stanford GraphBase" by Donald E. Knuth.

Tags for CWEB files

A program to generate tags for CWEB files.

ZoomStats (Web Traffic Analysis)

Web Traffic Analysis Software (or counter) supporting all known SQL databases (or XML). Easy install/upgrade, advanced user recognition technics, high;p /gt;Tracks users via: a) Server Logs, b) PHP inc., c)Web Beacons (JavaScript)

V77xmlrpc - Сервер дл� до�тупа к 1С по протоколу xml-rpc

Сервер позвол�ет организовать работу 1С:Предпри�тие через протокол xml-rpc � любым другим приложением.

Php-webdriver-bindings - Selenium Webdriver bindings for PHP

IntroductionThis is site for developers of PHP bindings for Selenium WebDriver. This PHP library allows creating functional webdriver tests with PHP. DetailsLibrary comunicates with Selenium Server using JsonWireProtocol. Requires curl in PHP. List of implemented methods: implemented_methods. Examplerequire_once "phpwebdriver/WebDriver.php";require("phpwebdriver/LocatorStrategy.php");$webdriver = new WebDriver("localhost", "4444");$webdriver->connect("firefox"); $webdriver->get("

Dilawar-public - Some of my work which is now available in public domain.

The coding is mostly literate. I have used cweb and noweb, for C and others, respectively.

Cwimg - Common C code related to image processing algorithms and formats.

The project cwimg (CWeb IMaGe), pronounced C wimg, is a set of documented code related to image processing algorithms and formats. CWEB is used to document C code that can be weaved to be compiled. This project does not try to be a repository for complex algorithms or image formats. Only the basics for educational purposes is being written. But the documentation can help who wants to learn about the basics to use in production code.

Pidcon - PID Controller

This project aims to develop a program to control an experiment using PID mechanism.

Sc-cwm - c-Web Monitor

CWM - NetBeans project group to work with my colleagues.