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Applicaton enables you to make the local copy of remote CVS repositiry 'to go'.



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Mys3backup - easily backup svn, cvs, etc., repositories to amazon's s3 service

Want a way to easily backup encrypted, tarballed versions of my svn and cvs repositories over to amazon's s3 service.Going to have three main functions:1. From cron, back up a directory tree and send it to amazon2. From cron, verify that the backups in S3 are aok3. Be able to restore a backup

Quail-server - QUAIL Accessibility Information Server

A sister project of the QUAIL Accessibility Information Libray, Accessibility Information Server is a Drupal distribution that can scan other websites for compliance with accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, or any other custom guideline an administrator would like to build. This is the initial hosting space for the server project while it is very unstable and not to be used in production environments (and while we wait for CVS to go bye-bye in Drupal). Once we get stable, this will


The Angliconian2 Programming language (interpreter and eventually compiler). NOTE: CVS gets updated more than this and only when project is stable. Go to the homepage for documentation.

Baseliner - Parse Eclipse 3.x J2EE workspaces to generate an ANT build.xml makefile

Baseliner is a project intended to develop a full server and web application in Perl to manage the release management process of checkout, build and deployment of applications. It will cover the lifecycle from the code repository (ie. SVN, CVS, Git, Perforce, Harvest, Clearcase, Team Foundation) to the execution server (ie. Websphere, IIS...). It should cover the following technologies and applications: Ant, Nant, make, Maven, CruiseControl, Eclipse, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, Oracle PL/SQL, N

Onemonkey - OneMonkey is a suite of tools and a class library that will allow you to write portable

I'm refocusing. I've decided that I'm going to be using Rhino for future projects. I'm building up other things to support that. OneMonkey is a set of enhancements to the Mozilla Project's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. The makefile pulls a recent check-in of SpiderMonkey from CVS (20070330) and builds it with E4X, optimizations, a small framework for native interfaces, some basic POSIX-like native functions, a framework for custom virtual machines, an interpreter, an JS2XDR compiler and XDR vi

Sen - Morphological Analyzer written in Java

What is Sen?Sen is the first opensource morphological analyzer written in pure Java. You can use sen for any NLP purpose such as automatic translate, search engine, Japanese education, AI, dialect converter, or analyze 2ch's threads. Sen is pronounced "chi hi ro". You must call "chi hi ro" even if you hava a important meeting with exective. Sen�純粋�Java�記述�れ�世界�最��オープンソース�形態素解�器��。�����Senを自動翻訳�検索エンジ

Phpsimpl - PHP Simpl framework - Simple CRUD framework that does much more.

DescriptionA PHP framework for rapidly creating classes that mirror MySQL tables. The Simpl framework comes with the basic functions to list, display and edit records from the database. With this framework a simple manager and front of a site can be created within a few minutes. An example database, manager and front end are included with the framework. FeaturesNo make/PEAR/Root Access required Database table abstraction Automatically configured database functions (ie. GetInfo, GetList, Save, De

Gui2exe - A wxPython-based GUI which unifies all the executable-builders for Python

GUI2Exe is a Graphical User Interface frontend to all the "executable builders" available for the Python programming language. It can be used to build standalone Windows executables, Linux applications and Mac OS application bundles and plugins starting from Python scripts. News07 May 2012 Version 0.5.3 released, correcting some major flaws in the user interface, mostly due to changes in wxPython 2.9 05 May 2012 Version 0.5.2 released 24 Aug 2011 Version 0.5.1 released 16 Oct 2009 Version 0.5.0

Extension-rake - Rakefile to build your Firefox/Thunderbird extension.

PurposeThis rakefile makes it simple to package your extension and even will create signed update.rdf for you. However it needs some tuning before it could be used. InstallationMake sure your sources are placed into svn. None of others versions controls are supported yet. Although it's easy to drop this dependency. Make sure you have the following directory structure root (doesn't have to be named this way) src (doesn't have to be named this way) content extension_name extension_code skin defaul

Crack-language - The Crack Programming Language

The Crack Programming LanguageCrack aims to provide the ease of development of a scripting language with the performance of a compiled language. The "crack" program is a "script executor" that compiles source to machine code on the fly (it will eventually cache the code to intermediate formats as appropriate). It can also compile a script to a native binary. The crack language itself derives concepts from C++, Java and Python, incorporating object-oriented programming, operator overloading and s