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CVS-Summary is a program that generates an HTML summary of CVS activity, very similar to that provided by the popular ViewCVS script. CVS-Summary differs from ViewCVS in that it dumps the summary information to static HTML files which can be served by n



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Tokkotai - Subversion commits database

Query subversion repositories using a web-based front-end on top of a MySQL database. It is similar to Mozilla's Bonzai tool for CVS and an alternative to Kamikaze for SVN. FeaturesEasy to use web user interface Repository browser Diffs and source code viewing Syntax highlighting (courtesy of GeSHI) Tabbed auto-completion of repository path names Summary commits chart (using Highcharts) This project uses the same back-end database and subversion hook script as kamikaze. For this reason it is an

Baseliner - Parse Eclipse 3.x J2EE workspaces to generate an ANT build.xml makefile

Baseliner is a project intended to develop a full server and web application in Perl to manage the release management process of checkout, build and deployment of applications. It will cover the lifecycle from the code repository (ie. SVN, CVS, Git, Perforce, Harvest, Clearcase, Team Foundation) to the execution server (ie. Websphere, IIS...). It should cover the following technologies and applications: Ant, Nant, make, Maven, CruiseControl, Eclipse, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, Oracle PL/SQL, N

Vulcan - Continuous Integration, Build & Release management software

IntroductionVulcan provides ContinuousIntegration and BuildAndRelease services in a web application which can easily by accessed and navigated by developers, project managers and stakeholders. Notification plugins publish reports on desired build outcomes over RssFeed and EmailNotification. Vulcan runs in a standard JEE Web Application Server, like Apache Tomcat or BEA WebLogic. Notes on latest release Users wishing to live on the edge can download the latest snapshot. Live DemoScreen shots are

Cvsxxdiff - Utilities to graphically review the status and changes on files managed by a CVS reposit

cvsxxdiff is a collection of utilities which allow the user to graphically review changes, track status and manage commits of files managed by a CVS repository. Latest stable version is cvsxxdiff-1.5.1, released 6th May 2008 IntroductionIn any software project, code changes need to be frequently reviewed and coordinated. cvsxxdiff utilities offer the means for easily reviewing changes and coordinating development in a CVS managed project. The cvsxxdiff package consists of these utilities: cvsxxd

Gyraf - Google Yahoo Rich Application Framework

GYRAF: Google & Yahoo Rich Application FrameworkA Framework based on GWT and YUI for Rich web applications English is not my strongest foreign language. You are welcome to comments ;)) ObjectivesThe ambition of this project is to provide an advanced framework for web applications. The design considerations are: Only GWT basic classesWe will use GWT only for its advanced and unique features: Unified development environment (Java) Native AJAX capabilities Generation of optimized javaScript code UI

Contactlistimporter - Contact list importer that provides an abstract interface for importing contac

Contact List Importer 1.3.1 Java Library : Hotmail, Gmail & YahooContact List Importer END OF LIVEIn summary: dont use this library anymore, there is a better way of importing contacts using the open API's of the different services. This software is deprecated as it uses html scraping in order to retrieve contacts. The API is itself an HTTP client and simply logs in to a service an gets the contacts. This method is prone to errors because the websites of the different contact-list providers chan

Todocopy - Single file Python app for batch execution (Ant-like) of commands

Todo Copy (formerly Smart Copy) is a single-file Python app for batch execution (Ant-like) of commands. For example, TC can dump a SQL database, zip that file and other files in a specified source path, and then send everything to an FTP site. Batch files are XML-based. Current version: 1.3.48 (use Subversion on the Source tab for the lastest version) Execute at the command line with this syntax to see execution examples: python examples Todo Copy Project GoalsThe goals of the Todo C

R-google-prediction-api-v12 - R package implementing Google Prediction API v1.2

R package implementing Google Prediction API v1.2Modification and some extension of 'R client library for the Google Prediction API' (Markko Ko, Google Inc., 2010) for Google Prediction API v1.2 PlatformWindows Vista R 2.13.0 Python 2.7 PrerequisitiesGoogle Prediction API can be accessed from IP addresses authorized in Google API Console only you have to manually authorize GSUtil ('gsutil config') and create .boto file NotesPlease note that I left many comments from original library code unchang

Gppanel - Graph panel for wxWidget.

gpPanelEasy Chart panel for wxWidgetgpPanel is chart libary for wxWidget. It inheritance from wxPanel and use modified wxMathPlot library at chart engine. Flexible to use and easy to implement new gpLayers from examples. VideoBecause video explain more than thousand words, there it is: News23.4.2012 everal updates for folder structures header implementations to own files new features to mathplot 21.4.2012 hange license type to wxWindows Library License v3.1 License. ajor update for all part of c

blameulator - Ruby gem for creating html summary of CVS checkins

Ruby gem for creating html summary of CVS checkins