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cvs-get is a perl script that enables users a simple way of grabbing the latest cvs snapshots of their favorite modules.



Related Projects

Hudson - Automated build monitoring system

Hudson monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building and testing a software project or jobs run by cron. Mostly build scripts used to build the software projects. It used to send mails in case of success or failure. Hudson keeps those outputs and makes it easy for you to notice when something is wrong. It can generate a list of changes made into the build from SCM systems like CVS, Subversion, Git and many others.

Astro Info

Astro Info is a multi-lingual astronomical ephemeris for the PalmOS that provides data for our solar system and other objects. If you wish to get involved, please download a copy of the source code from CVS.

Phpnetcvs - Implementation of CVS protocol in PHP

PurposeNet_CVS is a CVS client class library written entirely in PHP. This class was written to gain read access to CVS repository without the need in standard CVS client. The main purpose was to run it from servers or stations with enabled outgoing connections, but without shell access to run CVS tool. That's right - you don't need anything except for PHP to access CVS with the help of this class. StatusFor now Net_CVS is pretty limited to login and list server supported commands. Development i

XBMC Skinning Project

XBMC Skinning Project is a side-project for hosting open source skins and skinning tools for XBMC Media Center. Any skin author/developer may apply to join to get write access to this projects CVS/SVN/GIT, tracking tools, file publishing, and more.

Cvc - Common Version Control Front-End

VC is a command line oriented common Version Control front-end. It aggregates functionality with a uniform command interface. VC smooths over the differences between VCS interfaces without getting in the way. The following VCS's are currently supported: mecurial git subversion cvs

Jobeet-hg - A repository for Symfony's 1.4 Tutorial Jobeet

This is a personal repository for the source code of the Jobeet Tutorial provided by to learn how to use symfony framework. Also, my first time using mercurial -or any other CVS system- so things could get a little messy, but not that much :P. BTW, "symfony" is a trademark of Fabien Potencier. All rights reserved.

Quail-server - QUAIL Accessibility Information Server

A sister project of the QUAIL Accessibility Information Libray, Accessibility Information Server is a Drupal distribution that can scan other websites for compliance with accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, or any other custom guideline an administrator would like to build. This is the initial hosting space for the server project while it is very unstable and not to be used in production environments (and while we wait for CVS to go bye-bye in Drupal). Once we get stable, this will

MS-TEST, a TEST for MS batchfiles.

TEST is a utility for tests in Microsoft batch files with strong similarities of its unix name sake. You can get TEST by downloading the .zip file or use the CVS.


saman (straw in turkish) is a new php gui for mldonkey 2.xx, it connects mldonkey via telnet and parses outputs. It\'s still at development. you can use CVS to get daily code...


The Angliconian2 Programming language (interpreter and eventually compiler). NOTE: CVS gets updated more than this and only when project is stable. Go to the homepage for documentation.