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Cutter is a Unit Testing Framework for C and C++. Interface of Cutter is easy to write and easy to debug your code.



Related Projects


A small launcher with a fast interface. It is designed to stay on the system tray until it is activated by a configurable HotKey. When activated the main window pops up and you simply move the mouse to one of the 8 directions to open the shortcut.


Very basic cutter for Mpeg-2 files. GNU GPL license. Primarily intended for common PS format files, but has partial support for TS and ES formats.


Inkcut is a program used to send HPGL directly to cutter or plotter from Inkscape. Inkcut is used for sign making, namely cutting vinyl graphics, letters, and decals. It should support any device that uses HPGL.

Virtual Cutter

The Virtual Cutter is a web-based application in which users can play almost any streaming file and create a clip, a selection of the file between a given starting point and end point.


SpriteCutter is a small utility for cutting single sprites from spritesheets. (For 2-d game creating with using sprites from old console games)

Picturecutter - Cut out the best of your pictures quick and easily...

PictureCutter is a software to cut out parts from lots of digital images (photographies) quick and easy. The PictureCutter is concentrating on the creative part of the work, the cutting. Getting the best sections out of the pictures easily. The PictureCutter has an automated processes to save the selected parts in various configurations. These various configurations can be set by the user itself. The idea of the program surface is that creativity is maximised. So you'll find no buttons or menues

Opencamlib - computer aided manufacturing algorithms library

Since 2011 July the latest code is now on GitHub: This SVN repository is out of date! OpenCAMLib ("ocl") is a GPL licensed C++ library with Python bindings for creating toolpaths for cnc-machines. Current features fall into roughly three categories: Cutter projection algorithms are used to project milling cutters axially ("drop-cutter") or radially ("push-cutter") in contact with a polygonal surface. Cylindrical, spherical, toroidal, and conical cutter shap

Cuft - CuFT: Cutter Format Tools aims to explain and convert desktop cutter file formats.

Cutter Format Tools (CuFT for short) is a project dedicated to exploring the proprietary formats used by desktop cutting plotters (like Wishblade, CraftRobo, and Pazzle). There is very little data available on formats such as GSD and WPC. We hope that by making better information available we can enhance the interoperability of these machines with open software and open systems. Current efforts have focused on the GSD format. Basic GSD file structures are understood. More work is needed to pin d


Automatic cutter and mp3 converter of captures from TV music channels

Jael2 - Light IRC bot

Next & brand new version of old Jael IRC bot. This time - faster, better and without memleaks and cpu waste. Current version distributed with automated URL's cutter ( via ), so curl is now required. Main goalsLighter than IRSSI with scripts. Faster than light. Awesome as hell. Requirementslibc, glib, pcre, curl, internet connection and one beer. Coded from scratch because old src was too messy. LicenseSince 18/07/2011 project distributed on WTFPL Do What The Fuck You Want To Publ