CUTE User-friendly Text Editor

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CUTE is a Qt and Scintilla based programmers text editor. It can be extended and customized using the python programming language and is available on linux/unix. The editor supports syntax highlighting for many languages, tags files and projects.



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CUTE, Cooled Universal ASP Table Editor

ODBC/Jet database editor, web interface based, intended for complete on-line management of Microsoft Access databases. CUTE tries to increase functionality and performance of Universal Table Editor by Tom Wellige, an ADO database editor.

Reflexio - Demo

Reflexio is scheduled to be released May 1! Armed with nothing but a magical umbrella, guide Joey through the strange reflective landscapes of unknown origin... Play as a cute, cuddly koala and become a master of reflection by overcoming increasingly difficult challenges! Bend your mind in this unique puzzle-platformer and conquer the over 40 included levels!


WinPenguins is a Win32 port of the X-Windows application XPenguins. It creates cute little penguins that wander around your Windows desktop. 5th March 2013 *UPDATE* After many years of inactivity, new version 0.76 is available for download. x64 is now supported. An x64 binary is provided - Riccardo Marcangelo


TendoWX is a clone of Tendo, a mahjongg like game but with hexagonal stones and cute graphics

CuteFlow - Document Circulation and Workflow System

CuteFlow is a webbased open source document circulation and workflow system. Users are able to define "documents" which are send step by step to every station/user in a list. It's an electronical way for doing (i.e. internal) document circulations. The fields can be filled with values by the receiver of the document directly in the users E-Mail-Client. After a completed circulation you will have a completely filled document.


CuteFlow is a webbased document circulation/workflow tool. Users are able to define quot;documentsquot; which are send step by step to every user in a list. It's an electronical way for doing (i.e. internal) document circulations.


QtVu, pronounced CuteView, is an image viewer for The X Window System. QtVu is heavily inspired by ACD Systems' excellent ACDSee.


Qt based Software Defined Radio Interface

Cutesend - cute airport failure report interface

Application to capture and generate failure report in cute enviroments

Monopoly-iritamago - Monopoly Game

Monopoly game using Iri Tamago Studio characters for the GUI - cute & less hassle with copyright and all.