CurveFitting Java

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CurveFitting Java fits a curve, given by several points, by a cubic Spline, a Polynomal or a Fourier-series.



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The repository has been moved to: Fityk is nonlinear curve-fitting and data analysis software. It is specialized in fitting peaks (bell-shaped functions like Gaussian, Loretzian, Pearson7, Voigt) to experimental data.

Thermocouple Scripts

Thermocouple Scripts. Thermocouples generate a voltage at a given temperature. The relationship isn't simple. There are published tables, but the format can be awkward. This project supplies tools to find, parse, plot, and curve-fit thermocouple data.

Goplot - Working toward making simple graphs (with SVG output) in Go

GoPlot is a learning vehicle for experimenting in the Go programming language. The direction of the code is toward a graphing utility with some curve-fitting features. So far it's capable of doing a simple linear regression on the source data. As of version 0.3.0, GoPlot runs as a web server. The one page it serves presents a graph and a textarea for entering data as x,y pairs, one per line. For example: 1,22,8.53,94,135,13.56,20Input is simple value pairs (2D points) and results are provided as

Curve-fit - A standalone Curve Fitting and Plotting API excised from NCGC CurveFit

A Curve Fitting and Plotting library. Curves can be plotted via JFreeChart and the Google Chart API. Curve is a Persistent class (Hibernate bean) and curves are designed to write into a single database table for performance. This project incorporates code from NCGC CurveFit ( a "United States Government Work". Specifically it derives from and makes use of classes and code within the gov.nih.ncgc.batch package. A binary jar file containing the incorpo

Hierarchicalbinbuffering - Hierarchical Bin Buffering Library in C++

This is the C++ source code for the paper: Daniel Lemire and Owen Kaser, Hierarchical Bin Buffering: Online Local Moments for Dynamic External Memory Arrays This paper includes a survey as well as new methods to precompute polynomial range queries, as they are used in polynomial curve fitting and statistics. Code sample: OlaBuffer<float> ob(2,1); // this is the object which computes the buffers counted_ptr<vector<float> > buffer = ob.computeBuffer(data);// buff

Genpro - Reflective Object Oriented Genetic Programming in Java

GenProGenetic Programming made simple Genetic programming (GP) is the art of generating a program which adheres to a given set of test cases. One could say that it’s the ultimate in test-driven development: writing the code is done for you. GP can be used for curve fitting, optimization, data mining and more. For example: you can generate a program which predicts the number of attendees to a conference presentation based on: the fame of the speaker, the company size of the speaker, the track,

Google-summer-of-code-2007-fityk - Code samples from students working with Fityk for Google Summer o

Fityk is nonlinear curve-fitting and x-y data analysis software. It is written in C++. User interface uses wxWidgets library. Fityk community consists of one active developer and a number of contributors.

Easynumerics - An Educational Software for Undergraduate Numerical Methods Courses

Easy Numerics is an active/visual software, designed to be used as a practice tool for the students of an introductory level numerical methods course. It can also be used by the instructors of such a course as an in-class teaching aid. Instructors might also find it useful in preparing examples and homework questions. Project home page is at To quickly see what the program is all about, please visit the screenshots page. Detailed tutorials on

Pubchemdb - A Java/Hibernate API for working with PubChem data-sets.

Welcome to PubChemDB.IntroductionPubChemDB is a Java API for working with PubChem data-sets. Features include; Exposes most of the PubChem Schema as an object orientated API. To the authors knowledge this is the only public API for working with this schema. Download and assembly of PubChem data via NCBI web services and FTP. Uses the Hibernate persistence framework - database agnostic and built in query/search. Integrated chemical structure search via JChem from Chemaxon. Integrated curve fittin