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.Net based and Entity Framework aplicants managers for employment vacancies.



Related Projects

Recourse Support Platform

The Recourse project seeks to transform the computer science undergraduate curriculum through teaching methods based on the open source culture. The project's software provides automation and information management functions in support of these methods


Didaskon will deliver a framework for assembling a curriculum from existing learning objects provided by e-Learning services. The selection of learning objects will be based on the semantically annotated specification of the user's current skills.

Gestcv Curriculum Vitae Management

GestCV is WEB Application written in JAVA, which is able to manage Curriculum Vitae (create CV, search engine...). It uses Struts, Spring, Hibernate. WEB Site describes choice of this architecture.

Timetablinghft - Time Tabling HFT

This project tries to solve the curriculum-based time tabling problem by using an evolutionary algorithm. This project is done by students of the HFT Stuttgart in context of the course Data Structures and Algorithms.

Statistical-and-thermal-physics - Applets for learning statistical and thermal physics

The following programs were written for the Statistical and Thermal Physics curriculum development project and are part of the Open Source Physics project. The programs are released under the GNU General Public License.

popo-racing is a racing game,made by vs2005 use ogre/openal/nxogre/raknet/cegui engine

popo-racing is a racing game,made by vs2005 use ogre/openal/nxogre/raknet/cegui engine. This game is a curriculum project .

Cv-manager - Easy CV management using Ajax frontend

CVmanager intend to be the ultimate online CV. A simple manager using an ajax frontend. Do no more your curriculum, send a url up to date ! Some feature :multiple Curriculum with internalization multiple output format : html, xml, pdf, rtf multiple templates Seo optimisation NOSQL persistance SEF Friendly Using formats : microformat Used framework :ajax : jquery php : symfony In developpement so be patient, at this time NO RELEASE !!!

Connchem - Connected Chemistry Simulations

Connected Chemistry Simulationspart of the Connected Chemistry CurriculumProject Leader: Mike Stieff, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago Modeled in Java and Processing by: Allan Berry, Tuan Dang, and Qin Li. The Connected Chemistry project was initiated by Mike Stieff, PhD, now at the University of Illinois at Chicago. These simulations are the interactive component of this curriculum. Simulations were initially designed by Allan Berry, according to instructions from users and the rest of th