Curl GUI Widgets

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Developing extensions to the Core Graphics and Controls in the Curl Content Language



Related Projects

Wvactiveform - Yii ActiveForm with jQuery validation support

wvActiveForm is a CActiveForm descendant that validates the input on client with jQuery, using the rules defined at the model, while also supporting custom rules. Besides validation some rules may also filter invalid characters during typing. Validators: Required Number String (length) Email Default value (displays value that disappear on field click) No whitespace URL Manual rules Rules: jQuery.Validate jQuery.Numeric jQuery.DefaultValue jQuery.keyFilter CValidator supported: CRequiredValidator

Twittbar - PHP Class feed data from twitter REST services.

Twittbar is PHP class which feed data from Twitter REST services. Twittbar has a pretty presentation, represent by using CSS and Javascript, it easy to change and customized to your web site so you can fetch user status, freind status, public status and another methods which provided by Twitter APIs. Twittbar writen in PHP5 and CURL.

Quakbak - Displays tweets that contain your URL on your page

Any page that you drop the Quak Bak code on, if there is a tweet that contains that URL, Quak Bak will pull those tweets onto that page. You can put Quak Bak on multiple pages as it reads the URL bar in your browser. Quak Bak only displays a maximum of 100 tweets. You'll need a Unix server with PHP and cURL installed. This software is provided free-of-charge.

Googlecalendarclient - A cross-platform Google Calendar client 一个跨平å�°çš„GoogleCalendar客æˆ

This application is a cross-platform Google Calendar's offline edition. It can sync data with the official web edition. It's built with some open source and cross-platform c/c++ libraries, such as wxWidgets, Sqlite, libCURL... 本应用程�是一个�跨平�的Google Calendar客户端(离线版本),�以和官方Google Calendar的web版�步数�。本程�使用了一些开�的跨平�C/C++库,如wxWidgets�Sqlite�libCURL等…… 注:本程�现在开始使用wxPython

dashku-poller - Curl some data for Dashku dashboard widgets

Curl some data for Dashku dashboard widgets

Curl-Widget - A simple Curl application with loging, database storage and some fallback behaviour

A simple Curl application with loging, database storage and some fallback behaviour


Send SMS message in shell using curl and, or an OSX widget that waits for process to end.