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CURE provides a web-based environment for distributed collaboration. It was designed for lerning groups but is now also used to support busines collaboration. It combines wiki ideas with mailing lists, shared folders, chats, and room metaphors.



Related Projects


LazyCure is a convenient tool for time logging and personal productivity calculation. LazyCure helps to perform time logging, calculate statistics and different reports, store time logs in order to provide valuable information for activities planning

Cure-website-2009 - Developing a website for use by C.U.R.E., a Nonprofit Organization for Disaster

C.U.R.E. (Compassionate Utilization of Resources) is a Nonprofit Organization for Disaster Relief based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. C.U.R.E. takes in and distributes goods all over the world, where ever the need arises, from the Middle East, to its own back yard in Arkansas.

Meatography - The Meatography Cabinet

This is software for the world's first internet-enabled salumi curing cabinet. Seriously. When it is finally live, you can see it at We hope to provide enough instructions that you can build one of these on your own. There are two components: The Cabinet The hardware of the curing cabinet 1wire sensor for temp and humidity (and possibly salumi weight) Controls for 110v appliances; humidifier, dehumidifier, refrigeration, heating Linux-based plug computer controller wh

Radiocure - Create your own personal itunes playlist from music blogs

Radio Cure is a Python script to help discover and manage new music. It consists of two pieces: 1) a music crawler that visits your favorite music blogs searching for new music and 2) an itunes playlist that is continually updated to keep music you like and remove the tracks you don't.

Cdata - CDATA: Web Database Platform

CDATA is a web database development platform for collaborative projects in the health sector. Main features: Web interface for data form templates creation and editing Application modules: database, patient, form, project, folder, web page, file, todo, event, link Flexible information architecture (tree-like hierarchy) Developed for PHP/MySQL platform This project is funded by Cure2Children Foundation. Please, refer to CDATA Google Group for project pages and discussions. Please, use the issue t

Contactos - addressbook that hopefully won't suck

After searching high and low and trying a multitude of options, the right addressbook remains elusive. This is my attempt at an actually useful personal contacts manager. Ideally it should help visualize interpersonal relationships, download your memory for later retrieval, bring about world peace, cure every disease and of course, track contact information such as emails, phones, addresses, IMs, birthdays, kin, friends, friends of friends, etc.

Sprocketcms - Sprocket - Pluggable CMS / Web Framework - ASP.Net / C# 2.0

SprocketCMSAn Advanced Content Management System for ASP.Net 2.0 IMPORTANT The source code here, whilst freely available to do with as you wish, has been advanced an order of magnitude beyond what you'll be able to download here. Sprocket has become Content Canvas a commercial CMS aimed at solving world hunger, curing cancer and cooking perfect toast. Not too expensive and definitely worth checking out.

Achaean Curing System (ACS)

The Achaean Curing System (ACS) is a modularized plugin in Lua for the client application MUSHclient designed specifically to track and control combat related and other variables within the MUD Achaea.

Superman-adventure - Superman! action arcade game.

Earth is under attack by kryptonite that can harm humans and superman. But there is a cure Kryto-X which Superman must collect to save earth. News -Superman 2.0 is released -I felt bad about not having an Mac app of the game considering I use a mac myself so I finally got around to making one. There is a reason why the mac version has a different font. Apparently you can't use SysFont() on a mac if you do you get an app that doesn't work. -I have decided to release version 2.0 to coincide with t