The Cup Programming Langauge

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The Cup Programming Language is a combination compiler and VM (Virtual Machine). The language is purely procedural, though allows 'top-level' code like a scripting language.



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Tin-man - Program your own RoboCup 3D soccer playing agents in .NET

Who doesn't dream of leading a horde of ball-kicking robots to glorious international victory through the sheer power of their programming skill? TinMan is a great base upon which to build such a team. It takes care of low level details, leaving you to add the heart. FeaturingA simple yet powerful object-oriented API Supports trainer commands for machine learning Geometry API with polar/cartesian vectors and transformation matrices Simulated PID control Support for RoboViz monitor drawing Great

Tau-fall2009-compilation - IC Compiler in java

Winter 2009 Compilation Course 0368.3133 in Tel Aviv University final project. Formal descriptionThe IC language is a simple object-oriented language that we will use in the compiler project. The goal is to build a complete compiler for this language and generate x86 assembly code. IC is essentially a subset of Java. It supports objects, subtyping, virtual and static methods, arrays; it is strongly-typed, and uses run-time checks to ensure the safety of object and array accesses; it supports dyn


This is RoboCup player. The player can be used with soccer server system ( It can be used as a library for your custom player or can be programmed with build-in scripting language (very simple).

Biermanager - The First Open Source Futsal Manager Game in the World, that will run on major platfor

Bier ManagerThe First Open Source Futsal Manager Game in the World DefinitionBier Manager is a futsal simulation game that provides a new level of enjoyability in a manager game. The mission of the project is to help students to learn the Futsal dynamics and the Java Programming Language.The project is the first futsal simulator in the world, it is based on FIFA Futsal rules. The sport is growing over the world, and this project is apparently unique. It will be built by brazilian students of Com

Javamicko - Micro C Compiler (MiCKo) re-done in Java

Микро Ц Компајлер у Јави, по поруџбини профеÑ�орке Сувајџин :) Имплементација МиЦКа у Јави коришћењем JFlex Ñ�кенера и CUP парÑ�ера. Генерација кода је ручна, а можда Ñ�е пређе и на Classgen у Ñ�лучају да ово крене неким чуднијим током... Циљ је направити компајлер Микро Ц-а који компајлирÐ

Ikube - A high volume search application in Java

Ikube Hello, And thank you for the interest in Ikube! Quick start: Download the zip here Copy the war to the webapps directory of Tomcat Copy the 'ikube' configuration folder(in the zip) to the bin directory of Tomcat Change the name of the war to ikube.war Start Tomcat Have a cup of coffee, then go to monitoring Some news, the history of the WikiPedia is in the process of being unpacked and indexed, the expected volume is 500 000 000 documents. The hardware is three Dell rack servers and 10 ter

I-v-p-cups - A set of interactive virtual printers (pdf, ps, djvu, gtklp) through a cups backend

CUPS backends are known to be a good way to add functionality to printer dialogues. An example is CUPS-PDF backend that allows a user to print to pdf file from any application. The problem is that CUPS does not allow its backends to be interactive. So it is difficult to ask user where to save the output pdf file. This project is an attempt to solve the problem. The approach is as follows: new CUPS backend (ps-vprinter) prints to a ps file and place a semaphore file with the name of the ps file i

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework FRUIT - TDD in FORTRAN

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Rosetta, a Programming Language for Generative Design TutorialsCheck out the Tutorials on How to Install Rosetta? and Quick Start. Mailing listSubscribe to our mailing list Rosetta Lang at Google Groups. DocumentationCheck out the Documentation. Now, it contains a page for Coordinates and Geometric shapes and transformations. ExamplesSelect an example: Cup