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Cultivation is a game about the interactions within a gardening community. The resources needed for genetic propagation are tight, and relations can become tense. Cultivation explores self-interest, the common good, conflict, and compromise.



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Mjbox - Personal sandbox

A greenhouse to cultivate my humble programming twigs.

Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit

The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit is a software platform for cultivating virtual sound gardens in urban public space.

Conception Collaboration Platform

An open source, Web-enabled platform for real-time collaboration in the social construction of shared conceptualisations, supporting the cultivation and curation of semi-formal information structures in an intuitive yet robust way.

Farmerplus - Farmer Plus

Pakistan's principal natural resources are arable land and water. About 25% of Pakistan's total land area is under cultivation and is watered by one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Agriculture accounts for about 23% of GDP and employs about 44% of the labor force. Since the agriculture industry is a major part of Pakistan’s economy; up to date information needs to be provided to farmers where ever they may be present. Computers are one option for accessing information provided

Dc-pyps - A collection of tools for scientific research on ion channels.

DC_PyPsIntroductionThe goal of DC_PyPs is to provide a collection of tools for scientific research on ion channels. The package is derived from the DCPROGS suite ( and will consist of a Python port and wrap of Fortran code with ~30 years usage at University College London. The rationale is to preserve and cultivate these tools for future research applications. The included programs are used to process raw data, to plot and fit dwell time distribution

Cultiv Razor Contact Form

A contact form for Umbraco, written in Razor.

Baseline-css - Creating state-of-the-art websites with beautiful typography

Baseline CSS is a starting point for writing high-quality individual stylesheets, cultivating nice and clean layouts and stunning typography for text-based websites.

Marble Horse Free Software Group

Marble Horse Free Software Group is dedicated to strengthening free software and cultivating the free software community through the development and maintenance of free software, creation of useful documentation, and various advocacy efforts.

Kapers - Cultivate your thoughts on research.

Planned as a Free Software alternative to Papers by mekentosj. Allows scientists and researchers to create and manage a collection of research papers and articles.

Cultiv Photometadata for Umbraco

The PhotoMetaData package will extract meta data from images that you upload in your Umbraco media section.