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Shows who is using the bandwidth on your unix machine in real time. Prints a list of users/procs, bytes in/out/total, local port, remote IP/port, ordered by bandwidth usage. TCP only.



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Dexlanguage - A programming language that combines C-like syntax with LISP-like macros.

Dex is a programming language that combines C-like syntax and semantics with LISP-like macros, so it ought to be universally loathed.Dex is an imperative, statically typed, compiled language. Its design was influenced by C, Ada, Java, C# and modern scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby), and to a lesser extent by LISP and OCaml.Dex macros take a Dex parse tree as input and can modify that tree as the macro writer desires. Dex macros are written in Dex; the Dex standard library contains mo

Runwalkvideo - A Java gait analysis application

Introductionrunwalk-video is a project started in 2008, mainly developed in Swing (Java). It allows you to track customer info and record video for performing gait analysis. Currently this application is used in a daily production environment, where patients are filmed in order to improve the process of insole creation and shoe recommendation. Our setup consists of two monitors. One monitor is used to control video recording and customer data input, while the second monitor is a 42" showing a li

Navlet - W3C Navigation Timing API bookmarklet

Descriptionnavlet is a simple JavaScript bookmarklet that allows an easy visualization of W3C Navigation Timing API values through the window.performance.timing host object. Timeline visualization : The Navigation timing API provides really interesting metrics about the main document being loaded : Connect, DNS, request/response duration, first byte time, dom ready, dom loaded,... However all those data are raw absolute UNIX values and difficult to analyse in a snap. navlet will render all those

Ifootprints - Tracks a stolen Mac, uploads pictures and location information to the server of your c

ifootprints will ensure that your stolen Mac will find its way back to you. by taking pictures of the culprit using the built-in isight camera by uploading all wireless information that the airport card can see for use with Skyhook for locating the villain by giving you the perp's ISP IP address The daemon work is done in perl, and the iSight capturing is done in Cocoa. Please be sure to have DBD::SQLite installed on both the client and the host. The souce and binary packages contain the openIsi

Fileview - Gridded icon view framework for Cocoa

ConceptSimilar to IKImageBrowserView, but supports arbitrary drawing via icon subclasses, and is compatible with 10.4. A single-column view that scales icons to fit containers is also available. The view scales to several thousand icons with no problem, and takes advantage of multiple processors/cores when possible. Memory usage for the framework should remain low. Here's a screenshot of one of the SamplePrograms: Supported File and URL TypesPDF/PostScript Skim PDFD Anything NSAttributedString c


The trusted intermediares, Soames & Soames lawyers, have a leak. We need you to identify the culprit and turn them into an asset.


A network-wide bandwith monitor for Sweex routers