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A python package for simulation of deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems using cuda.



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Simengine - Faster ODEs in MATLAB for multi-core and CUDA GPUs with simEngine

Faster ODEs for multi-core and CUDA GPUssimEngine is the faster and easier way to solve nonlinear dynamical systems with MATLAB. simEngine combines intuitive expression of differential equation-based systems with highly optimized compiled code to produce simulation executables that perform up to 10× faster than MATLAB’s standard ODE solvers. simEngine also creates “embarrassingly parallel� simulations for multi-core and GPU hardware automatically. With simEngine you'll be able to do more

Barra-sim - Barra: a simulator of CUDA GPU architectures

Barra - NVIDIA G80 GPU Functional SimulatorWhat is BarraBarra simulates CUDA programs at the assembly language level (Tesla ISA). Its ultimate goal is to provide a 100% bit-accurate simulation, offering bug-for-bug compatibility with NVIDIA G80-based GPUs. It works directly with CUDA executables; neither source modification nor recompilation is required. Barra is primarily intended as a tool for research on computer architecture, although it can also be used to debug, profile and optimize CUDA p


a panic simulator with CUDA based on a sequential pedestrian simulation


symulacja cia?a mi?kkiego z wykorzystaniem CUDA


Experimental code to simulate drift processes on the GPU using PyCUDA and THRUST (via CodePy).