CubeSat Kit

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The project provides software modules and features for the CubeSat Kit by Pumpkin Inc,



Related Projects

Swimfsw - Flight Software for 3U CubeSat

This page will document all code versions of the SWIM CubeSat Flight Software developed by the SDT of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Bayamon Campus under supervision by Dr. Hien Vo Bich

Cubesat-space-protocol - A small network-layer delivery protocol designed for Cubesats

CSP is now hosted at Github: the Cubesat Space ProtocolCubesat Space Protocol (CSP) is a small network-layer delivery protocol designed for Cubesats. The idea was developed by a group of students from Aalborg University in 2008, and further developed for the AAUSAT3 Cubesat mission scheduled for launch in 2011. The protocol is based on a 32-bit header containing both transport and network-layer information. Its implementation is designed for, but not limite

Vit-cubesat - VIT SEDS cubeSAT OS modules

It contains all the versions of all the modules and other OS related stuff of the VIT SEDS cubeSAT nano satellite.

Tj3sat - First high school satellite in history

TJ3Sat (TJ Cubesat) is slated to be the first high school satellite in history. Currently we are manifested for launch in Spring 2012, and will shortly be entering the Integration and Test stage to prepare the satellite for flight.

Phonesat2 - Phone Sat 2.0

An updated version of the phoneSat

Plumeobdh - Code for the PLUME CubeSat

Code for the University of Leicester's Cube Sat project. The idea of a cube sat is to create a satellite in the shape of a cube with the dimensions of 10cm by 10cm by 10cm. Plume is designed to detect micro dust particles in low Earth orbit. For more information see:

Missionandroid - Code associated with the PhoneSat program

Open source code associated with the PhoneSat2.0 project.

Opensatellite - Open Satellite initiative for amateur satellites

With the increase in the use of amateur satellites, this project is intended to create a platform for linux based satellites. Other satcom code geared towards the amateur satellite community will be hosted, but focus will be on embedded linux.

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