Cube Engine

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Related Projects

Cube Server Lister

Tool to monitor Cubeengine based game servers like Cube, Sauerbraten, AssaultCube and Blood Frontier.

Cube-engine-3 - an updated and more dynamic Cube Engine

major updates wanted: dynamic light dynamic fluid meta surfaces better texturing bug fixing compatibility with older systems moving textures animations more support for differing modeltypes better editing UI Complete compatibility with Cube 2 and Cube 1 import maps from other cube engines modifiable UI easy to mod costomizable DEV weapons

Phpcubescript - Stats and other stuff of cube engine based games

This is a script to you use in your clan site with stats and other nice things.

Dsahelix - Masive Multipley First Person Shooter

Language: C++ Engine: Cube (for now) Framework for exception and input control: SDL The game takes place in University of Panama, when a terrorist attack take place, taking everyone inside the college as hostage. what I really one is a massive fps game in a world that is always changing.

Gamefront - Cross platform game front end and launcher

GameFront(GF) is a cross platform launcher designed specifically for games based on the Cube2 engine. The idea is to provide an graphical front end to integrate the games and mission launching along with multimedia content. GF is written in PureBasic(PB) First code due in June 2010 Update August 2010 - Whoops how time flies! I did mange to get cross platform launching happening (at least for W32 and nix), though the path names with linux will be difficult. Also tried out some cross platform vide

CubeEngine - Messing with terrain gen and other techniques.

Messing with terrain gen and other techniques.