Cube Platform

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Cube Platform is a decentralized grid computing system that uses P2P Pastry protocol for communication between nodes. It's a big data storage written in Java.



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Yart - Yet Another Ray Tracer

Basic ray tracer. Currently implements:* Geometric primitives: - Smooth Bezier patches - Spheres, cubes, triangles, planes - Arbitrary matrix transformations* Light sources: - Point, directional* Shading: - Reflections - Ambient, diffuse, specular (Phong)* Accelerated intersection testing: - Bounding-boxes in a 3D-grid (have to specify manually)* JPEG output* TODO: - Refraction - Photon mapping - Texture mapping - Bump mapping

Irubix - Speedcubing Timer

Timer application for measuring speedcubing results and saving them to local DB (using SQLite engine for now). All stats are available in two views (Grid and Chart for now). Installation notes: Application requires .NET 2.0 Framework. I guess it's not problem since Microsoft published runtime in updates Application has some dependent assemblies, don't delete them. Compilation notes: If you're going to build project by yourself consider following: It is a common solution you may use. C# 2 is used

Agpy - Adam Ginsburg's python codes

A collection of astronomy-related python codes. API documentation I tried to change the hosting to mercurial, but was unable to convert the wiki to hg. Since there are many important comments on the wiki and issues pages, I elected to give up. I'm unhappy with this situation, so tips are welcome. MATURE CODE:readcol - ASCII column-reading code. More powerful than IDL's readcol: has the ability to read a data table with labeled columns as a dict. This code is now mostly superceded by atpy and asc

Cubeknots - Code for displaying cube diagrams of knots/links and calculating knot Floer homology

Cube diagrams are special 3-dimensional representations of knots and links. (See Baldridge and Lowrance). The project contains a list of cube diagrams for all knots less than 8 crossings (plus several other knots and links) and code for displaying and manipulating cube diagrams, including code for calculating cube homology, a variant of knot Floer Homology. The code can also display and manipulate grid diagrams of the same knots and links. The code is written in Mathematica 7.0.

Xoopscubekorean - XOOPS Cube Korean Version

Let's make XOOPS Cube Korean Version! Full translation and support!! - XOOPS Cube Korean Support site! - Old URL of this project is... - XOOPS Cube Korean Twitter - XOOPS Cube Korean Facebook - XOOPS Cube Korean Google+ - XOOPS Cube Korean Youtube http://www.youtub

Flexible-dashboard - FlexibleDashboard: Flex+AIR and Flex+Browser BI dashboards / mashups, pods for

Started with esria dashboard / adobe flex devnet dashboard sample and evolved it: Added flexmdi cascade/tile (esria pod drag/drop in tile mode) and more pods, and both flex+browser and flex+air versions Was Flex 3 based. In Build 3 has a first cut at Flex 4 / Spark. In Build4: Pods now in separate flex modules Each use of a pod/module can be configured/autowired separately with Spring ActionScript in context.xml files in src/spring-actionscript/ (currently used in 3 differently configured GridPo

Abspolar - Render ABS surface using Polar surface

Algebraic surface can be applied in geometric modeling, scientific visualization and computer animation. High quality real-time rendering is still an obstacle in its interactive applications. This paper presents a GPU-based real-time ray casting algorithm to display piecewise algebraic surfaces in terms of tensor-product B-spline. Since there are no analytic solutions for polynomials of degree above 4, we adopt the Newton-Raphson and regula falsi methods to explore the capability of contemporary

Groundzeromud - Ground Zero II: The Second Coming. A custom MUD server

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Summary -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- GroundZero is the only MUD (multi-user-dungeon) ever to incorporate guns and ammo into a text-based game. Game battlegrounds are generated automatically for every game which lasts about 2 hours on average. Random weapons, explosives, and ammo are dropped around the map randomly on boot too. NPCs are initially dropped into specific spots and move around the map on their own hunting each other and players. The game has been out since 1992, bu


A web2py application that replaces T2/T3/etc. (deprecated) WATCH THE VIDEO Watch it until the end because the second part is more interesting. Attention: cube2py was called cu29 in the video (?!)) PreambleAs you know T2 and T3 are deprecated. Some time ago I started a reimplementation of T3 called cube2py. I got stuck. I now re-factored it completely (requires web2py trunk) It uses markmin: cube2py is not completely

Ddscat - Discrete Dipole Approximation Scattering (DDSCAT) code

DDSCATDiscrete Dipole Scattering (DDSCAT) is a Fortran code for calculating scattering and absorption of light by irregular particles and periodic arrangement of irregular particles. It has been jointly developed by Bruce T. Draine (Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University) and Piotr J. Flatau (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego). The current version is DDSCAT 7.2 (released February 15, 2012) supersedes previous versions which are no longer suppo