Combined Utilities for Beowulf Clusters

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Combined Utilities for Beowulf, or quot;cub,quot; is based on work done at Compaq to integrate some of the best available tools to make it easy to build and install clusters of workstations for parallel computing applications.



Related Projects


iCub is an open platform for scientists interested in investigating issues in embodied cognition. Here you find all the software and hardware documentation.

Ymyw - Tracking of youth progress in the LDS church

An application to track progress of youth towards church-endorsed programs including: Young Women Personal Progress, Young Men Duty to God and Scouts, and Primary Faith in God and Cub Scouts. This work is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Derbyrunner - Run a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby or similar style race

DerbyRunner keeps track of vehicles and scores in a race. I wrote it to keep track of a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, but it's useful for any similar sort of race where you have a number of lanes and are ranking the winner of each heat as first, second, third, and so on. No support is currently available for races which are scored by timers. To minimize the advantage of being in a "fast" lane, each vehicle races once in each lane. Young and Pope's Partial Perfect-N algorithm is used for lane assignm

Mashup-tony-fulena-cubs - cubs

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.


Fast flexible simulator of spiking neural networks. Easy to use graphical user interface with comprehensive monitoring facilities. Integrates with the NeMo CUDA simulator and the iSpike interface for the iCub robot.

Race Track

Race Track is a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Race Management Application. It supports racer registration, heat scheduling, electronic timer integration, and sound effect playback. It is written in Java and runs on any Java enabled platform.

Icub-yarp-tracker - Motion tracker for the iCub robot using YARP framework

Produced as part of the VVV11 summer school, this project is developing an interface between the Polhemus Liberty motion tracker hardware and YAPR, a robotics control framework. The initial goal is integrating it with the iCub robot and its simulator.

S3afe - A command line script to upload a file to Amazon S3

AboutA command line Python script to upload a single file to a bucket on Amazon S3 (using the boto library). Command Line OptionsOptions: --version show program s version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -k AWSKEY, --aws_access_key_id=AWSKEY -s AWSSECRET, --aws_secret_access_key=AWSSECRET -f FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME -b BUCKETNAME, --bucketname=BUCKETNAME -n KEYNAME, --keyname=KEYNAME -a ACL, --acl=ACLExampleThe following command uploads the file ~/backups/