Canonical Text Services

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Code libraries and network services for identification and retrieval of text passages by canonical reference using the CTS URN notation.



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Ctx-log-parser - Cisco log parser to feed sip-viewer

OverviewWhen reading SIP Calls for multiple Cisco products you face the challenge to go through multiple files parsing information manually. The more complex the call flow is, the most difficult to track problems at SIP signaling level. When analysis of call drops is critical this tool can give you a good overview of the calls. This Perl program goal is a module parser to feed sip viewer. Which is in charge of drawing call information: FeaturesParse Cisco CTX

Smhideandseek - SM: Hide and Seek

SM: Hide and SeekThis is the project page of the sourcemod implementation of the Hide and Seek gameplay modification for Counter-Strike:Source. Terrorists "Hiders" choose a random model on spawn, like a chair, plant or a sign, which is common on the played map and search a place, where they blend in best. The CTs "Seekers" wait a specified time to give the hiders a chance to find their spot. They have to search for the hiders and shoot them. Seekers either lose some health (default 5 hp) on ever

Skeinfish - SkeinFish is an implementation of Skein and Threefish in C#.

SkeinFish is an implementation of Skein and Threefish, with a focus on speed and completeness. Skein is a general purpose hash algorithm and Threefish is a general purpose block cipher. Both were designed by Bruce Schneier, among others. This is an implementation of both algorithms in C#. Changelog0.5.0Updated to Skein 1.3 0.4.5New Initialize() overloads to enable any custom UBI chaining, such as MAC Hashing Exposed the UBI tweaking interface. Code refactoring, changes, and cleanups Minor bug fi

Evangoogle - My fake Google page

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Yakiniku - Test

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CTS2 - CTS going with Rails3

CTS going with Rails3

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