Community Transmission Service

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Perl Electronic Mail / Fax Servers - using 'Least Cost' Routing for Fax Transmissions over a Network of Servers (if available)



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Cts-domo - Domotica system in WPF

Domotica system based on the Velleman Velbus system, written in WPF C#

Ctr05lib - 9513 Mode Wrapper Library for MCC Counter Boards

The library will allow one to specify a Mode based upon the waveform found in the 9513 datasheet for Measurement Computing counter boards (CTR05, CTR10, CTR20). All of the parameters to the functions are managed and will show what parameters are required in order for the mode to be configured properly. This should simplify use and searching through the 9513 datasheet to find out each parameter for each mode.


The Java Message Service Compliance Test Suite (JMS CTS) is a test harness for verifying the compliance of Java Message Service (JMS) implementations with the JMS specification.

Centralized Timeregistration System

My Centralized Timeregistration System (MyCTS) is a Software Project Timekeeping Management System. It includes a (linux) server, an administrator/stats website and (linux amp; windows) clients for submitting registatrations

Pitt-cs2650-netsim-sis - Java-based Petri Net simulator that interfaces with Dr. Chang's CS2650

NetSim - Petri Net simulator for CS2650 By Callen Shaw (cts8) The project is a final project in Distributed Multimedia Systems (CS2650) at University of Pittsburgh. The goal is to implement a java project which interfaces with pre-existing Slow Intelligence System (SIS) software developed in class. The original proposal follows: For my term project I will build a java program which is capable of executing Petri Nets, represented in extended PNML, while interacting with the class's Slow Intellige

Serialcommunicator - It makes communication easy with external serial devices on JAVA Platform

This library has lot of in build function which are used quite frequently in Serial device communication over COM PORT. > Automated connection to Serial device. > Event based communication over COM Port. > Only one Exception - RS232Exception. > Error code and completely understandable description. > Only one method call communication. > Usage guide available with detail description. > windows compatible > One doesn't need to any background knowledge with serial communication or com port communic

Canonical Text Services

Code libraries and network services for identification and retrieval of text passages by canonical reference using the CTS URN notation.

Ctsvirtual - cts virtual

Proyecto de encuestmiento con enfasis social para grado como modalidad de psantia