cTool Library

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cTool is a library to scan and parse C code, building a tree data structure that can be accessed by other programs to assist in analyzing the code.




Related Projects

Koctools-csv - CSV added to KoCTools

Using the sourcecode from KoCTools I am adding the ability to cut and paste CSV format into Notepad so the data can be easily opened in a spreadsheet that supports CSV format. I am also adding alternating color rows to make the lists easier to follow. To see a demo: http://elmware.freeprohost.com/pages/server.php The demo is using a dummy database and has limited entries. Only server arthur has entries.


geoCtools manipulates geo-data in csv or kml files. Generates kml files for Google map/earth. Polygons can be: merged, simplified, locations (icons) added with user data in the balloons, selected via FIPS code. Uses libxml2

CIA Project

Cia project tries to develop an all-purpose security tool. It's composed by ctools, the security tool; cfs, the app and cfs-server, a file amp; key server.

Marzochi - Python Based.

Python Based. Small Scripts Implementations

Cwactool - Collaborative Watch-and-Comment Tool to annotate videos

Collaborative Watch-and-Comment tool, or CWaCTool, exploits explicit annotation, which means that the manipulation of the video happens through direct user actions - the tool allows a user to load a video file for reviewing and, while watching the video, the user can select frames of interest and make voice or pen-based notes.

Lv2-generic-ui - Generic UI's for LV2 Plugins

This is an LV2 UI interface that will generate gui's for LV2 plugins. Do this to install... This package depends on lv2-c++-tools by Lars Luthman. ./waf configure./waf installor if you want debugging output. ./waf configure --debug./waf install

Lolcode-ctools - C Tools for LOLCODE

This project contains many tools you'll need to implement or use LOLCODE with a C project, or just LOLCODE by itself, including: Parser Validator Compiler Interpreter

Kh323phone - A H.323 endpoint using h323plus open source

Introduction H323Plus,the standard in open source H.323. Kh323hone is an example to demonstrate using h323plus framework to create typical H.323 endpoint applications feature call and media. This program can be used to make calls or to receive calls from other H.323 endpoints. Background Framework dependencies. Openh323 and PTLib open source. (http://www.h323plus.org) nasm.exe - The Netwide Assembler (http://sourceforge.net/projects/nasm/) Microsoft Windows DirectX 9.0 SDK. PortAudio - an open s