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A multi-agent capture-the-flag package designed for teaching artificial intelligence concepts.




Related Projects

Ctf2010-jammm - Mun Computer Engineering Term 6 - Software Engineering CTF Project

A Capture The Flag (CTF) game, using the STEAL 2010 protocol which is networked and played by AIs.

Exploitfarm - CtF flags posting system

Exploit farm is system for collecting flags from exploits and posting it to joury during CtF game

war - War - Minecraft TDM & CTF for Bukkit

War - Minecraft TDM & CTF for Bukkit

Vc-stats - This script written in perl creates statistics from Vietcong gameservers.

supported maps:- Arroyo- Bahnar- Dustworld- Frontier- Halongport- IndianCountry- Nva- RiverDale- Storm- Stream- ThreeCanyons- Waterfallsupported game types:- ATG- CTF- DManalysis:- single clanplayer stats ranking (DM, ATG, CTF) (kills, deaths, frags, points)- clan stats (DM, ATG, CTF) (kills, deaths, frags, points)- map statistics- points US vs. VCUsage:Join all your endresults-xxx.txt logfiles together into one logfile:(windoz)type endresults-200* > big.log(linux)$ cat endresults-200* > big.log

Brutaltournament - an Artificial Intelegence shooter

an Artificial Intelegence shooter. this shooter is not controlled by user input but by AI scripts made by the player. game modes: - DeathMatch - TeamDeathMatch - CTF - node control - etc. I am currently basing it on UT but am open to anything.

Opencdf - An IMS Charging Data Function, supporting offline charging Diameter-CDRs

This project provides a Charging Data Function (CDF) which is a sink/correlation function for IMS Diameter offline charging events. 3GPP IMS defines the Rf reference point that transports offline charging events from the Charging Trigger Function (CTF) aka the CSCFs to the Charging Data Function for correlation and production of a summary CDR. 3GPP TS 32.299 defines the format of the Rf reference point. This project is still in the design phase. Sorry to get your hopes up. :-) It will be written


Outgun is a free, cross-platform 32-player capture-the-flag (CTF) 2D action game.

OpenCTF - component test framework

The OpenCTF component test framework helps to build automatic tests for all (visual and non-visual) VCL components in a Delphi application. It is based on the DUnit framework.