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HTML Template for C (Template to C translator). Process HTML Templates with embedded C code and generates C source suitable for compiling into apache module.




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Build C++ web server modules that allow easy routing and deployment.

Php-ctemplate - php ctemplate extension.

php ctemplate extension is the wrapper base on google ctemplate library.

Python-ctemplate - Python wrapper for the ctemplate library

The main functions and classes of the ctemplate library are wrapped as native Python objects. This enables quick prototyping and testing of a ctemplate system. Run python internal help() for an API overview: $ python -c "import ctemplate; help(ctemplate)" Example # loads example.tpl in current directorytemplate = ctemplate.Template("example.tpl", ctemplate.DO_NOT_STRIP)dictionary = ctemplate.Dictionary("my example dict")dictionary.SetValue("VALUE1", "TEST1")# dict setters call SetValue() automat

Hapax2 - ctemplate style performance templating for java

production for testingAn implementation of a Google Ctemplate style language in Java. The Hapax language differs from Ctemplate in some minor ways, not having had any backward compatibility issues and not having the same kind of runtime. It is simpler. See Language and Example. Hapax2 is a rewrite and update from Hapax. blog

Ctemplates - template-based algorithms and data structures for C

this project implies introduction of the generic algorithms and data structures for C.

Gtemplate - A simple but powerful Python template package.

The gtemplate package is a Python implementation of Google ctemplate for processing templates, enabling to separate logic from presentation. It is simple but powerful that can be used to generate web-pages, code and many other materials from given templates.

Erlang-template - Templating engine inspired by Google Template System

Erlang-template is simple tempalting engine, heavily inspired by Google Template Systeme, a.k.a CTemplate. ExampleTemplate: <html>{{! comment }}<body><table>{{#SECTION}}<tr><td>{{FIRSTNAME}}</td><td>{{LASTNAME}}</td></tr>{{/SECTION}}</table></body></html>\t\t

Hapax - ctemplate + ezt templating for Java.

What is Hapax?Hapax is a simple but powerful text templating library for Java. Hapax is suitable for constructing text output from Java code. The syntax is similar to Google's ctemplate library, and emphasizes the separation of logic from presentation. Hapax was designed to be easy to use and have minimal dependencies. Hapax does not depend on any existing web framework, and is suitable for use in servlets, scripting languages (Scala, Groovy, etc), and server-side applications. Examplepackage co

Blueplate - Blueplate: Client-side web templating library

Blueplate is a client-side Javascript templating library for AJAX applications. It separates AJAX code from presentation, aiding MVC design and clean architecture. It also provides previewable AJAX pages that can be edited in web page design software. Blueplate's syntax is based largely on Google's Ctemplate syntax.Major Goals:- Model/View Separation- Offline Previewability- Loop Comprehension- Lightweight / Small Codebase- Simple API- No Dependencies


Patlac--Xml2cpp is a totally customizable code generator that generates classes (c++ for now) automatically from a xsd schema. Classes are described in google-ctemplate files and a xml options file allow precise definition of projects.