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CTAS package is a set of tools for the Computed Tomography (CT) and Tomosynthesis (TS) reconstruction for the parallel beam geometry (usually available at the synchrotron sources).




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XATCThis is a framework for a replacement for the X-Plane Air Traffic system. It was originally built in Java but the Java plugin for X-Plane became unsupported and is now defunct, so it was ported to Python. Currently ImplementedATC framework complete, with loading and initialisation of ATZs. Current implementation doesn't do any 'real world' loading of zones, i.e. there is no current map of real world ATZs, some are just hard coded at startup for testing. Stub classes developed for all ATC con

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Fjalar is a framework that facilitates the construction of dynamic analysis tools for programs written in C and C++. It is often difficult to build robust and scalable dynamic analyses for C and C++ programs due to the lack of memory and type safety in these languages. For instance, the run time system does not keep track of array sizes or whether values have been initialized. Existing frameworks based on source-to-source transformation often suffer from scalability and robustness problems due t