Exuberant Ctags

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Exuberant Ctags is a multilanguage reimplementation of the Unix ctags utility. Ctags generates an index of source code definitions which is used by numerous editors and utilities to instantly locate the definitions.




Related Projects


rospell is a UTF-8 text editor for programmers and general use. It features syntax highlighting, a code beautifier for C and C++, and support for ctags, grep, diff, and merge. It also includes a speller for English and Romanian.

CTags - CTags support for Sublime Text 2

CTags support for Sublime Text 2

FindTag - Ctags Add-on for TextPad

FindTags is a Exuberant Ctags Add-on for TextPad


TagsView user interface for ctags parsed result. Supported editors: Notepad++, AkelPad.

Pyctags - Python tags file parser and ctags program wrapper.

Pyctags is a Python language wrapper for ctags programs and a parser for output generated by ctags. It can be used for harvesting information from tags files or generating new tags files. With the language feature extensions available to Exuberant Ctags, this module can be useful for static code analysis and discovery for dozens of programming languages. Pyctags 0.5.0 has been tested on Python 2.5 and 3.0 on Windows and Linux, with Exuberant Ctags 5.7 and Subversion revision 686. The Wingware Py

Vim source code browser plugin

A source code browser plugin for the Vim text editor. Uses exuberant ctags to parse source code files. Supports many programming languages and easily extendable. Can be used in both GUI and terminal versions of Vim.

Scribes-ctags-plugin - Ctags plugin for scribes editor

A plugin to aid the coder in finding the definition of the selected symbol in the scribes editor (http://scribes.sourceforge.net/) Using the exuberant ctags program (http://ctags.sourceforge.net/) a program can find the definition of a symbol. Older editors like vi, vim and nedit have had support to load a tags file created by the ctags program and find definitions of symbols instantly. My old time favourite editor NEdit (www.nedit.org) is by now pretty old and looks terrible on modern Linux dis

gem-ctags - Automatic ctags generation on gem install

Automatic ctags generation on gem install

Python-ctags - Python bindings for ctags index file

Exuberant Ctags supports indexing of many modern programming languages. Python is a powerful scriptable dynamic language. Using Python to access Ctags index file is a natural fit in extending an application's capability to examine source code. This project wrote a wrapper for read tags library. I have been using the package in a couple of projects and it has been shown that it could easily handle hundreds of source files. RequirementsC compiler (gcc/msvc) Python version > 2.3 Install Exuberant C

Dwoop - Several dreameaver extensions to make Dreamweaver more like an IDE for OOP language (PHP/ASP

Currently, I have ported ctags to dreamweaver. You can double click a function/class name to select it, then right click, in the contenxt menu, select 'Go To Definition...'. Before you can go to definition, you have to create the ctags tag file first, which is a hidden file located in the main directory of the site. You do it by click the 'site' menu then, click 'Create Tags File...'. This will create a hidden file named 'dwoop' in the main directory of your site. This file contains all the loca