SQL query engine for csv files

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This is an sql query engine for csv files, for when you do not have the time/energy/resources/inclination/whatever to load the data into a real database.




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gcsvsqlgcsvsql is a Groovy command line script that treates csv files as database tables. gcsvsql allows you to perform arbitrary queries on those files, including multi-file joins. The core functionality is provided by the h2 database engine. UsageInput CSV files must have comma separated columns and the first line must contain column names. In general, the requirements for the SQL queries are: The query MUST be in format "select X from Y where Z" The table(s) in the Y term must be the csv file

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National Sample Survey Organisation of India provides unit-level data from various surveys conducted by it. Scripts presented in this repository are meant to read these data and output csv/sql files.