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A free Java library and extensible framework for mapping, parsing and unmarshalling CSV file contents into Plain Old Java Objects. It provides Xdoclet support for easy and painless mapping of CSV records to Java Objects. The library requires J2SE 1.5




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Annotatedflatfileparser - Java tool for parsing csv file into POJO objects using annotations.

The tool mapps csv-files to java objects. Just annotate Java POJO objects and parse csv-files into objects. Features:- Easy usage - no xml-configurations- Type acnostic and type safe- Automatic locale-specific conversions- Support for complex types (nested custom objects)- Extensibility- One-To-Many Relationships for multi type csv-files

Csv-to-db-util - Convert a csv-file to a database table or a resultset

There are many csv-parsers out there. So why another one? Because none of the others did what I needed. So what is special about this csv-to-db utility? I'll tell you. CSV Parser FeaturesExports from outlook-addressbook can have carriage-returns in the address (if you entered it that way in outlook). This utility will handle that correctly. It converts a csv-file into a java.sql.ResultSet so you can use it the same as you use a 'select' sql statement Because you might want to make selections on

Php-csv-utils - PHP Csv Utilities

PHP CSV Utilities has a new home!For future updates, please refer to my new blog: http://lukevisinoni.com/ Several of the recent projects I’ve been working on have required an “import from csv file� feature. PHP comes with a few functions for reading and writing csv files right out of the box: fgetcsv and fputcsv. While these are good functions and they get the job done I find they just aren’t enough in many cases. It would be nice if PHP had an interface like python’s csv module. Ente

Jacli - annotation based command line interface

Simple, flexible, lightweight annotation based CLI Features: L10N Supports Map/Collection/File/String/boolean etc. data types CommonBean for frequently used switches like '-help, -verbose' Bean class is extensible Extendable Usage module Have you ever tired of doing this if (args.length > 0 && !StringUtils.isEmpty(args[0])) { importFile = new File(args[0]);}if (args.length > 1 && !StringUtils.isEmpty(args[1])) { exportFile = new File(args[1]);}You're probably answering YES. Have you ever gotten

csv-parser-cplusplus - A CSV data parser in C++

IntroductionThis is a library for parsing text files. The records could be comma delimited, tab delimited or delimited with any set of characters. The csv_parser class is used to parse text files to extract records and fields. We are making the following assumptions : The record terminator is only one character in length. The field terminator is only one character in length. The fields are enclosed by single characters, if any. The parser can handle documents where fields are always enclosed, no

As3-csv-parser - Asynchronous CSV parser for ActionScript 3.0

Asynchronous CSV parser for ActionScript 3.0This small library is based on the work of shortybmc: http://code.google.com/p/csvlib/ It is a thorough reimplementation of the code base, providing true asynchronous behaviour. Goals:divide urloading, parsing, throttling into seperate & independent components true async loading behaviour, usen asynctoken build reusable asynchronous architecture

ServiceStack text - NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers

ServiceStack.Text is an independent, dependency-free serialization library that contains ServiceStack's text processing functionality, including: JsonSerializer, TypeSerializer (JSV-Format), CsvSerializer, T.Dump extension method, StringExtensions - Xml/Json/Csv/Url encoding, BaseConvert, Rot13, Hex escape, etc., Stream, Reflection, List, DateTime, etc extensions and utils.

CSVParser - Matt Gallager's CSVParser

Matt Gallager's CSVParser


a simple csvparser written in java.


Reflective CSV parser (written in C#)