CSV File Reader and Writer for .NET

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C# classes for reading and writing CSV files. Support for multi-line fields, custom delimiter and quote characters, options for how empty lines are handled.




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Annotatedflatfileparser - Java tool for parsing csv file into POJO objects using annotations.

The tool mapps csv-files to java objects. Just annotate Java POJO objects and parse csv-files into objects. Features:- Easy usage - no xml-configurations- Type acnostic and type safe- Automatic locale-specific conversions- Support for complex types (nested custom objects)- Extensibility- One-To-Many Relationships for multi type csv-files

Project616 - Various code snippets to ease bioinformatic tasks

Some code to ease my daily routines when doing bioinformatics. Start out with a utils for csv-files and the solid platform.

Pysudokusolver - Another sudoku solver written in python.

Another sudoku solver in pyhton demonstrating a try and error method. The sudokus must be coded a csv-file. A zero represents a field which is not defined. Each line holds the columns of 9x9 sudoku (so 9 lines in sum). The columns are separated through commas.

Csv-routine - A C++ routine to read a CSV file

I didn't find any routine to read a simple CSV-file in C++ so I wrote a snippet to handle this. The general algorithm is that it reads the whole file into a buffer. Then it goes through the buffer setting \\0 where the delimiters are. This was compiled with Xcode and tested under MacOSX 10.6. The routine should handle files with lines like "a string",""double quotes"",12.1,"and so on" it uses by default the delimiter ',' but can easily be changed. it also uses the mac end of line but that also c

Hand-counting-questionnaire - Computer-based Measurement of Finger Counting Habits

Platform-independent JAVA tool for a computer-based measurement of finger counting habits in online research as well as in the laboratory.Download of the stand-alone (offline) labversion of the computer-based finger counting questionnaire from this site. No installation required; unpack the zip-file and start "HCQ_labVersion.jar". The resulting data will be locally saved as csv-file in the program folder. Note: the software requires Java 6. When downloading the source code, please take into acco

Csv-to-db-util - Convert a csv-file to a database table or a resultset

There are many csv-parsers out there. So why another one? Because none of the others did what I needed. So what is special about this csv-to-db utility? I'll tell you. CSV Parser FeaturesExports from outlook-addressbook can have carriage-returns in the address (if you entered it that way in outlook). This utility will handle that correctly. It converts a csv-file into a java.sql.ResultSet so you can use it the same as you use a 'select' sql statement Because you might want to make selections on


HyperSpider (Java app) collects the link structure of a website. Data import/export from/to database and CSV-files. Export to Graphviz DOT, Resource Description Framework (RDF/DC), XML Topic Maps (XTM), Prolog, HTML. Visualization as hierarchy and map.

Csv-filter - simple tool to filter out unneeded data from csv files

The purpose of csv-filter is to remove unwanted data from csv-files (Comma Separated Values). Filtering will be applied to all files in a directory.

Riskmanagementhelper - risk management and corporate intelligence

This program adds risks specified as Gauss-distributions (and other distributions) and tells you the probility for the quantiles.The Code contains a part to parse csv-files, Code to generate useful plot data for a histogram out of a set of "hits" in R.This is used to analyse data from Monte Carlo experiments.Documentation for using the whole program is in German.

Universaltransformer - A tool for file transformations.

Starting from a use case, where I needed to transform csv-files into xml files and vice versa, I tried to develop a generalized tool, that could host all similar kinds of transformations as well. There is one configuration file that holds a list of all possible tasks. For each task there is another properties file to hold labels and transformation type (at the moment it is xslt or csv) and a link to the transformation file (in both cases a xslt script, but other kinds would be possible) http://u