CSV For Java

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CSV for Java provides a Java API for reading/writing CSV files as well as command-line tools supporting transformations and file comparisons. Useful for both developers and testers using CSV files for their work.




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AsRsMid is a Java utility library which can facilitate the construction of J2EE based MSBI (SSAS / SSRS) application. It simplifies the access to SSAS (by using olap4j) and to SSRS (by using jax-ws) by encapsulateng the concrete implementation of SSAS and SSRS pooling layer, their invocation layer and business layer. Besides, it supports multidimensional result (queried from SSAS) with its multidimensional data model (Table), which provides also some utility features like 'export to Excel / CSV

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What is ParaJParaJ is set of parallel algorithms simplifying creation of multi-threaded programs. Example usage of Feed Engine public void convert(InputStream in, OutputStream out) { CsvReader reader = initializeReader(in); FeedEngine<String[]> engine = new FeedEngine(); engine.setMaxErrorCount(10); engine.addProducer(new CsvRecordReader(reader)); engine.addConsumer(new Transformer()); engine.addConsumer(new Transformer()); engine.addConsumer(new Transformer()); engine.runUntilAllProcessed(); lo

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Csv2qif - Small utility to convert csv files provided by a bank to quicken interchange format.

Many german banks provide an export of a customers account statement in CSV format (e.g.http://www.vr.de/ or http://www.sparkasse.de/). Unfortunatly CSV is not importable by software as gnucash or kmymoney. The project is a commandline tool which does the conversion and gives the user the opportunity to change imported data based on some pattern matching rules in an xml file. The current state of the project is a maven project, which build an executable jar. The jar is able to convert the output

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Servicing, Forwarding - Remote Multiplexing RelayServicing, Forwarding - Remote Multiplexing RelayRule based port redirection framework in Java for Java (also reporting and access lists)The nameExampleWho could be interested in this softwareSimularities to other existing softwareExtensibilityIdeas as framework usageData reporting and possible aggregation Rule based port redirection framework in Java for Java (also reporting and access lists) Example of a report automatically generated with exter

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