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Dblp2csv - DBLP xml to CSV convertor .net

A tiny .net solution written in C# to convert DBLP xml dataset to flat csv file which can be directly imported to DBMSs. A back up of the result (on SQL Server 2008 R2) is also included in the solution for your convenience.

Xml2csv-conv - Command line XML to CSV converter

xml2csv-conv is command line tool for converting data from XML schema to CSV. The tool has many command line options. The software is platform independent and was written in Java language. FeaturesConverts XML schema to CSV file Can deal with filenames and urls Automatically detects loops (repeated elements) in XML used for splitting data to rows Allows to override name of the loop/repeated field Allows to keep only specific tags/fields Allows to ignore specific tags/fields Allows to set values

Csv2xmlgen - CSV to XML, a generator based on a XML Templates

csv2xmlgenHere you are a python program to generate XML files based on a input template. It has been developed for generating KML files (Google Earth layers) from CSV data, but it can be used to process any kind of XML defined with the suitable template. For more details, see wiki section. As an example, there is a KMZ file that implements a Google Earth layer with information the beaches of Galicia. It is released in http://www.recursosmarinos.net. Latest changes/updates

Csvmerger - Simple command-line tool to merge multiple CSV files into an MS Excel workbook.

CSVMergerCSVMerger is a command-line tool to merge different CSV (Comma Separated Values) files into an MS Excel workbook where each of source CSV files is a separate worksheet. It uses a XML-based configuration file that specifies input and output files, etc. RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime (download) MS Office one of Microsoft's Primary Interop Assemblies for MS Office (Office XP: download, Office 2003: download, Office 2007: download)

Klab-commons-csv - Annotation for CSV

CSV を扱�アノテーションライブラリエンティティ�@CsvEntityを設定��エンティティー�フィールド�も@CsvColumnを設定� CSV �カラムを定義���。エンティティ�ジェ�リック�CsvDao�ら利用�る�������。SpringFramework 等�サービス�注入�れ� persistence DAO ��等�使用�る����能��り��。制����� JPA ���行�作 API ��り��ん。CsvDao#findAll()

Lycia - An listener-based parser framework

Lycia is an listener-based parser framework for being used on top of different structured datasources such as XML (at the moment supported), CSV, SQL-Resultsets, CSS and whatever you can imagine to be a datasource by implementing your own reader. It was build by the model of the Springs Application-Context xml parser but features a lot more possibilities how to handle the data. Lycia can be used for generate classes on base of xml or other datasources or to make some basic transformations to the

Bag - A Python library for many purposes

Functions and classes for many purposes, that I use all the time in multiple programs. The fact that these are just bits and pieces does not prevent them from having bugs, so they must be under version control. Currently, the library requires Python 2.7.x or Python 3.2 or newer. Most important library contentsbag.csv2 -- The infamous csv Python 2 module does not support unicode; problem solved. bag.csv3 -- In web apps, uploaded files come as byte streams, so we provide a decoding generator. If y

Open-data-php - Set of utility PHP objects for converting worldbank data into more normalized sqlite

This project initially sets out to create utility PHP objects for automating process of accessing and refactoring World Bank data to facilitate research tools and application development. Over time, some of this generic capability will be expanded to facilitate similar data acquisition tasks for other open data initiatives. Phases of Development: 1) Develop a robust core of PHP scripts that can download, extract, and re-factor tabular (csv/spreadsheet) web hosted data. These core scripts will in

Php-spreadsheetreader - PHP library for read spreadsheet files

PHP library for read data of spreadsheet filesIt supports OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods), Microsoft Excel 97/2000 (.xls), and CSV (.csv), and Text with tab-separated or patterns (.txt). It's very simple. require_once 'SpreadsheetReaderFactory.php';$spreadsheetsFilePath = 'test.ods'; //or test.xls, test.csv, etc.$reader = SpreadsheetReaderFactory::reader($spreadsheetsFilePath);$sheets = $reader->read($spreadsheetsFilePath);echo $sheets[0][0][0];Use this command to anonymously check out the lates

Jsqlconverter - Java SQL Converter

Project AimsThis project aims to create a simple application and framework for converting / migrating between one database format to another. This is achieved through the use of Parsers and Producers. ParserA parser takes a given input and turns it into structured Java objects. Anything that can be through of in some way as a database can successfully be implemented as a parser. For example a CSV file is the equivalent of a CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements. The following parsers are available: